This dude, very “narrowly” missed appearing on the forthcoming Generation Bass compilation but he might make Volume II 🙂

Love what he’s been doing with the Gypsy Dubstep and I hope continues to evolve in this direction.

Tracks like “Nomad”, “Drabarel”, “Samurai Dub”, “Gypsy Step Redux” and “Bicar” are very original and innovative and some of them are free for download too!!


Cooler still, he lives by a quote by none other than Monsieur Depp:

“And then go into this motherfucker thing that’s a million miles and hour with a time signature that you can’t identify right away so it’s always fun to see people’s reaction to that. I mean you have to listen to that over an over again going “what was that?!?” it’s like a train going by.”

Johnny Depp

music by zgomot


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