Perhaps it’s the crisp ocean air and swathes of gorgeous scenery; or maybe it’s the sense of unease caused by the very different socio-political situations on either side of monumental Table Mountain (one affluent and with a view; the other, dusty and destitute), but Cape Town’s surrounds seems to inspire its easygoing inhabitants to create edgy electronic music.

Ross Finck is the latest in a long line of IDM-influenced producers – stretching back to Kalahari Surfers and through to the likes of Felix Laband, Unit.R and the Real Estate Agents who call Cape Town home and who refuse to make ‘straight-up’ anything. Forget the preset deep house that rules the rest of the nation: the Western Cape crew are far more interested in wringing all they can out of their rhythms and severely twisting the tones emitted by their Moogs and Korgs.

Capetonians also tend to be rather prolific: in Finck’s case he’s had to concoct a number of names and hook up with a lot of like minds to keep his output in check. As DANk he makes emotronica and experimental hip-hop; as a member of Mix n Blend (who we covered on Generation Bass earlier this year) he ups the sub-bass and the tempo for dubbier, dubstep-ier effect; while his latest incarnation (in collaboration with Disco from P.H.Fat), Sedge Warbler, is all about eccentric electro with a ‘thug rap’ backbone, and resembles Spoek Mathambo side projects like Playdoe and Sweat.X.


Like those electric acts, Sedge Warbler are creating a stir internationally, and have landed a deal with Liverpool-based “global glitch-hop” label Skanky Panky, who’ll be releasing their “Welcome To The Universe” album (which is intriguingly subtitled “A Mythical Aberration of Science And Sex”) soon. Tracks have already attracted praise and plays from Rhubarb Radio, while the cool Dont Party website got caught up in Warbler’s “sticky, twisty, cheesy, gooey” world recently in this great article.

While we wait for “The Universe”, head on over to Sedge Warbler’s SoundCloud page and enjoy these free DANk downloads:

One i can call my own by DANk

Sorry Bout the Laptop lee by DANk
The Glitch Mob–Remix It Like You Stole It(DANK REMIX) by DANk

PS. There’s more DANk on his SoundCloud page – check out the blazing “Rock The Boat” for starters. And if you’re wondering what the “klank” in the title of this article is all about, it’s Afrikaans for sound…


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