It is getting Hotter in the other side of the Globe!!
AUSSIES n NZelanders are just on FIRE!!!!!

Alexis K is just AMAZING!!!
Alexis K – I Need To Feel (OUT NOW!!) by Temper D
and Check This out!

Alexis K – I Need to Feel (Reiko Che) [Temper D] Forthcoming (clip) by AlexisK

Spectre NZ is DIIIIIRTY!!
Speaker Fire by Spectre NZ

From Australia!! Eggchan drops His EP “insidious” FOR FREE!!!
Here’s a song from that AMAZING EP!!

Russian Wrapper – Eggchan (free download @ Housefly Records) by Eggchan
Download Link!!

Can’t wait for Gunja Bros new where Eggchan plays a vital part!


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