Not a while ago, THE GUARDIAN, made a review about Electro champeta, in where Generation bass was mentioned briefly.
Two of the bands mentioned have a special relationship in their own way with me.
Qurrambeat, is -quoting The Guardian- the artist moulding the genre into strange new shapes , undoubtedly. His electro style takes champeta’s African-Colombian rhythms and creates weird, skeletal and primitive dance tracks that sound completely new, rather than being particularly champeta in form.
And the second Band:
US-based Colombians Plastic Caramelo are pioneering a form that they call “glampeta”, which sounds like a Colombian MIA.
They are pushing the genre to a BOOTY-LIKE riddim!!
It’s like Major Lazer meets Picoteros!!
Leading them is Christian Castagno, who, alongside his wife, Tatiana, explosive liseth, gaspar and my very good friend Lalo Yunda are changing the Champeta world!!’s the band alter egos
electrobrain/ christian castagno
ta-tease/ tatiana llinas
lenka/ liseth bitar
gasparhymes/ gaspar guerra
eddie whyte/ lalo yunda

GRAB THEIR NEWEST SONG in Exclusive for GB!!
Shake That Chocolate

Shake that Chocolate was directed by my school pal Sergio Zaraza.
These guys are just Amazing!
and i am sure we are going to hear about them much more once their new album is ready!!

Grab their TUNE for FREE!!
Plastic Caramelo
Plastic Caramelo
and Check their dope Video


Now..if u want to know why Plastic Caramelo has a special relationship with me (caballo)
Lalo from Plastic Caramelo (dread guy) went to school with me.. and we used to listen to hardcore, punk, and heavy metal with Sergio!!
So when i found Plastic Caramelo i was super happy!! cuz i saw my only close school mates were not that far from what i was!!
Well..we were like ..i was always making funny

caballo kid


  1. aaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!! no me habia pillado la foto …esta la veeeeeerga @!!!! hay q mandarle el link a gloria tambien!!!!

  2. champeta??? señores esto esta my lejos de los ritmos palenqueros … mucha pose mucha moda es mas bien una especie de indie no se … como llamarlo inditon o yo que se pero ni glam ni champetero… que sigan haciendo tatoos y portaditas de discos …

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