One of the coolest cumbias from them all is Peruvian Cumbia, but people know little or nothing about the early stages of cumbia, before even the Chichera full display!!
Here on Gen Bass we have tried to show all of cumbia styles.. and lately Roots of Chicha has opened a big window to Peruvian Chichera!!
So we want to go deeper..
ARRIBA PERU!!! This is a small homage to all old school cumbieros from Peru!!!
Let’s start with one of the Pioneers
Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos (Pedro singing n’ Chacal on guitar!!!)

Ranil y su conjunto!

Fantasma!! huayayay!!

Los Parker

The chichera guitar sound was developed mainly from the best surfer band from PERU!!
Los spectros



Another great one in the series, another of my personal faves.

SoundAmerica going from strength to strength!

Here’s what HD says:

Friends around the world!

Soundamerica reborn again.

This time the driver of the musical journey is Bootlegumachine: a sonic shaman from the heart of Mexico; tracker of musical rarities as well as lost mushrooms in the desert.

As if it was not enough, he’s also a blogger and an avid lover of techno and cumbia equally.

Expect musical talent from Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Chile.

For cover illustration it could not be less, so that we rely on the talent of German de Souza at Coreographix, whom more than one will know for his musical side as Cherman: a multifaceted Argentinian living in Barcelona:designer, llustrator, vj, editor, producer and cultural agitator at its best.

As if both individual dangerousness was not enough, both share criminal activities at FOLCORE Collective, with prominents groove bandits such as Canalh, Caballo, Meneo, Nice Noise, Le Freak Selector, El Timbe and maybe some other not yet identified by Interpol.

-Mind the gap, my friend!
Soundamerica strikes again.

Soundamerica vol.17 selected by Bootlegumachine
1 .-Puro Divino _Meneo
2 .-El gauchito gil_Fauna (Daniel Klauser remix)
3 .-Sopa de caracol_Banda Blanca
4 .-Por Panamericana_Mc CAco
5 .-Sudaca invasor vs Soy Raka_Frikstailers vs Los Rakas
6 .-Tierra Santa_Sonora
7 .-Violentao_Maria y Jose
8 .-Son de Cora_Banda Cohuich (kaman dj rmx)
9 .-Loituma_Erick Rincon (3ball experimented)
10.-Etelvina Maldonado_Uproot Andy & Geko Jones(Manuelita Rmx)
.Music selected by Bootlegumachine
.Cover Illustration by German de [email protected]
.Graphic Design by [email protected]
.Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik.
.Presented by Generation Bass.
.Creative Commons License.
October, 2010.

Sunday Morning Sublime : Peña


The Official Speil!

Here’s the brief story of Peña:

Thanks to the fast moving world of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, it’s only a few clicks away to share and listen to music from around the world, even across thousands of miles for a whole new audience to enjoy.  Every once in a while an incredible form of music may not make it past the nation’s border in which it was created. Such is the case with Afro-Peruvian music.  Even with the rich musical history of Peru, only a handful of Afro-Peruvian music has ever been recorded and released outside of the country.  Last spring, Minneapolis-based label, Secret Stash Records set out to change that.

In April of 2010, Cory Wong and Eric Foss of Secret Stash Records traveled to Lima, Peru with a translator and assembled Peña, an Afro-Peruvian ensemble featuring a handful of the best musicians within the genre. The group was a revolving door of sorts that included over a dozen players ranging in age from 24 to 65. In seven days they recorded over 50 tracks. With no access to a conventional recording studio they improvised by tracking in classrooms, living rooms, balconies, offices, and even on the stoop of a hostel. The sessions were fast, free spirited, and generally consisted of one or two takes per track. The result is an authentic display of one of the world’s most unique, unexplored and underrated musical styles.


For most people, the question still remains, “what is Afro-Peruvian music?”  In the mid 1500s Spanish conquistadors brought African slaves with them to Peru.  One of the many restrictions placed on the slaves was that they were not allowed to own or play instruments.  In time they began using fruit boxes and dresser drawers as drums.  This innovation became formally known as the cajón (large box) and it was the central component in fusing African rhythms with Spanish music.  After slavery was abolished in Peru (1856), Afro-Peruvian culture slowly withered away.  By the mid 1900s the music (along with other parts of the culture) had almost completely vanished.  In the 1960s, a small handful of black Peruvians in Chincha (3 hours south of Lima) started a revival of sorts.  It quickly grew and before long the people of Peru were rediscovering this lost music.  Today Lima is the center of Afro-Peruvian music, but people of all colors living in coastal Peru celebrate this music and culture.

“It was amazing how everyone we met down there was so excited to help us.  They have a sense of pride about their culture that you don’t really see up here.  They were just thrilled to share it with outsiders,” said Cory Wong, producer, engineer, and guitarist of Peña.  When they arrived in Lima, Wong and Foss had no appointments and only one solid contact.  They quickly went to work networking with the area’s most connected figures in Afro-Peruvian music.  Within four days they had found the players and organized sessions.  All of the musicians were enthusiast about their involvement and willing to record just about anywhere, any time.

“We were very fortunate to experience a real connection with the people who are keeping this music alive today.  Because we didn’t have a studio to work out of, we tracked in the places where they live, work, and play.  I feel that really shines through in the recordings.  This album would not be what it is if it were done in a recording studio,” said executive produer, Eric Foss.  The spirit and conditions of the sessions, as well as some great background information and Afro-Peruvian history is captured in the DVD documentary that is included with the Peña CD which will be in stores, and online 10/12/10.  It will also be available for digital download through all of the major services.




Death is the most important event of life. Don’t you think ? Death will always have you as a FREE DOWNLOAD ! That’s ok, if you have been a good cumbia warrior doing your cumbihad, you’ll find 72 sexy virgens waiting for you in heaven to dance cumbia and loose control…

In a few days, it will be “dia de los muertos” in Mexico and in various parts of the world, a lot of people will remember friends, people, souls from the other side… But don’t be too sad, I am sure they are having a nice time, they read Generation Bass and dance cumbia as our fellow south americans brothers taught us ! So… how do you want me to be sexy with such a topic, seriously ?! Death… I guess UMB is right, he is sexyer than me !! But I managed to bring you nice stuff and downloads so that you forgive me not to be so sexy.

1. Bareto – Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo – vidéo & Sodoma y Gamarra EP. Don’t go crazy on the name (“bareto” is “joint” in some part of south america), it’s only music ! It’s a peruvian group coming with a nice vidéo and a whole downlable EP, “Sodoma y Gamarra”. “Sodoma y Gamarra”, “la distancia” and “Pa’ todos hay” are more laidback cumbias perfect to chill out the stress of the week but the other 3 tracks have that distinctive peruvian sound and are more uptempo. I recommend “Ceja de selva” my favorite, it could nearly fit a Sonido Martines mix with some “vinyle scratches layers” on it ! Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo is an original theme from Juaneco y su combo.

Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo by Bareto Perú

2. Sonido del Principe – cumbia de los muertos. This one is for the most hardcore of you cumbiamberos. Sonido del Principe offers us this solid nueva cumbia with woobles, claps and a featuring from kid static. The song has been validated by hardcore Dj’s:  Villa Diamante, Caballo and Mitémas so that’s enough, DOWNLOAD IT FREE !!

Sonido del Principe – Cumbia del muerto f kid static by La Naranja Mécanica

3. Ozomatli – Cumbia de los muertos. A lot of the readers will know this one, I know… but we have to think about all kind of cumbiamberos… That’s a 90’s classic when alternative band were begining to mix world influences in their songs. Ozomatli is something like the “US Mano Negra”… Check it !

Cumbia De Los Muertos by MarcoNESS

4. Dj Dus – de la muerte EP: DJ DUS has taken the principals of 1970’s era Jamaican soundsystems, a producer’s approach to developing new material and a DJ’s skill behind the turntables to develop a unique and inspired mix of cumbia, hip hop and reggae tracks that translates to a new and fresh sound- best described as NU Cumbia. I playlisted him in various mixs of mine. I love his sound, although I am not sure about credits & samples…

5. Chee Bo – El Baile de los muertos compilation Vol 1, 2 & 3

Chee Bo is a Dj from Los Angeles, California and he is coming since 2008 with his compilations right on time for halloween / día de los muertos / Toussaint. Don’t you find he has an obsession with cumbia & death ? Do not know, but we had to mention his work. He’s sharing all these tracks with us. Here is his Vol 1 & 3 more oriented on rock’n roll/rockabilly/surf rock, but vol 2 is more latin/cumbia. There’s some obscure tracks and rare stuff. Dig it !

El Baile de los muertos Vol-3 (2010): DOWNLOAD

El Baile de los muertos Vol-1 (2008): DOWNLOAD

El Baile de los muertos Vol-2 (2009): DOWNLOAD

01 Miguel Angel- El Esqueleto
02 Los Gibson Boys – El Vampiro
03 Los Belmonts- Los Locos Adams
04 Los Americans- El Diablo Esta En Su Corazon
05 Los Sleepers- Diablo Con Antifaz
06 Leda Moreno- El Diablito Loco
07 Tony Camargo- La Llorona
08 Orquesta Aragon- Los Fantasmas
09 Ska Cubano- Babalu
10 Willie Colón Y Héctor Lavoe- Te Conozco Bacalao
11 Misterio- Vampirella (Bonus Track)
12 Black Mascara- Klitori Master (Bonus Track)

5. Let’s play ! How much sexy girls can you see on the Diego Rivera masterpiece on the top of the post ? Let your sexy  imagination bursts !



Yeah!!! The darkest day of the year!!! SO..what’s better than some of the darkest tunes around?
I have waited a WHOLE YEAR to put what i listen at
u might get surprised..or not.. but for’ll get the sweetest tunes for HALLOWEEN!
including Die Antwoord vs Amon Tobin, Grindcore, Bloodstep, breakcore with classical, and a METAL BANGER!!!

Let’s start with a real Bloodstep called
Vampires & Informers
Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers – Subatomic Sound System’s Bloodsuckers dub by SubatomicSound

Now.. let’s go to the darkest side of music!!!

Suicide Silence – Disengage (Big Chocolate Remix) by Big Chocolate
NOW..GET THIS Free download
[DS012]Fexomat – Warface [2009] by Fexomat
Die Antwoord vs Amon Tobin free
Die Antwoord vs Amon Tobin – Mr Fuckin Psycho (Pirate Pillager & 3re Edit) by 3re

Metallica – Fuel (La Musique D’Ordinateur x Database Remix) by La Musique D’Ordinateur

My Fav of them all
Nocturne C# Min op. postuma remix… FREE!!
Fryderyk Franciszek on pcp (Nocturne C# Min op. postuma remix) by BrokenNVEP

Dubstep from Cottonmouth
Hackney Smackers by Cottonmouth
If you like this kind of stuff.. do not hesitate and comment, so I know and I’ll talk to the guys about putting up this kinda stuff more often.

And you can count that Caballo is always digging the raw & dark side of music more than the club n’ “famous” side.

Moombahton Madness Continues : The Fall Of Moombahton!


Ok, as I said in the title, the Moombahton madness continues!

Totally unexpected this week, we’ve had a Moombahton week without really planning it.  Sometimes, that’s the way the best things happen.

The Hearbreak Kid has compiled this new Fall of Moombahton compilation following on from Munchi’s first one, The Summer of Moombahton.

If you follow the blog, yes it contains some of the stuff I already blogged here but also it contains some exclusives and previously unheard stuff and plus it’s presented in one great package and it’s FREEEE!

This is what the HeartBreak Kid says;

As the genre grows larger and larger the nay sayers are starting to become believers. The movement of moombahton is so strong and continues to build. As the genre grows so does the names of the producers. Moombahton is here to stay!!! and this is only the beginning.

I took time out to contact most of the moombahton producers to put out a follow up to the summer of moombahton ep. this ep is represented by almost every contient. This is the ultimate fusion of tropical music. I hope you enjoy the compliation, and continue to support the movement. In the words of Dave Nada, Dale Moombahton!!


Grab it here: the entire ep

DrumST3P FridaY!


[The Brian Viveros art magic continues]

We’re gonna be linking these posts now to our good friends over at the Drumstep Forum as we’ll be working in close co-operation on all things to do with DrumST3P!

So if you see this over there, no worries man, it’s all okay’d.

We know we’ve had and continue to have “unofficial” imitation problems in the past & present but the Drumstep Forum stuff, is all legit Sherlock, ok 🙂

SupaStarS 2day ARE:

1. DubSac

2. Trowa aka Philphy B

3. Kanji Kinetic

4. Joeroxor

5. DJ Rusty Meeks

6. Heist

7. Excision/Downlink/Datsik Mega-Mash

8. Hakka

9. APH

10. DaneJah

11. Destro

12. DRumST3P Competition!!!!



Our matey DubSac just sent us this EP made up of DubST3P & DrumST3P numbers and it’s free.

Do yourself a favour and grab this, play it out, include it in your mixes or just masturbate over it if you like.

Starring President Obama amongst others!

DOWNLOAD DubSac-Patterns EP–>

Stream a track here to give you a taste.

Envy [Free EP In Description] by DubSac



Our mate Philphy B aka Trowa just let looose on this MONSTA’ track, he’s one talented f**k man and this is a KILLLLLA’ remix of an Evanescence tune which we brought to you a few weeks back or last month, in fact!

I also think it was our DrumST3P posts that inspired him to come up with a DrumST3P remix in the first place!

Evanescence – Missing (TROWA RMX) by TROWA




Awesome remix of this feelgood BIG PAAARTY anthem of the 80’s, I think, or was it 90’s?

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room (Kanji Kinetic Remix) by kanji



The boy did GOOOOD man.  He went away and took my advice and worked haaard on his shiiit and has come back with this track.  Man, listen to the difference!

Hate to say I told you so but I did ahahaha..WIKKID TRACK bretheren!

Whatever – I Don’t Care (Joeroxor Drumstep Remix) FREE 320! by joeroxor



Now, this track, sounds friggin’ DOPE and ORIGINAL!

Sikkk shiiit!LOVE IT!!!

Rusty Meeks – Bear Grinder by DJ Rusty Meeks




A mega-mash of some HOTTTT tunes from one of the HOTTEST DubST3P (and soon) DrumST3P labels around!

Excision Downlink Datsik – Exsistence Vs Reploid Vs SouthPaw – [WhompRat drumstep megamash] by ITEM9



Absolute KILLA’ in the making, which we hope to bring to you once it is finished!

Also an added killa’ track!

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Hakka Remix) by Hakka

Hakka – Badman Killa (Drumstep) by Hakka



Pendulum would probably be proud of this, well I am, cause it means I can actually listen to Pendulum at long last thanks to this remix..lolz

Pendulum – The Island (APH Drumstep Remix) by APH



Yeah, I CAN see you mate!

I can see you going on to be one of the exciting ones in a batch of young DrumST3P producers, making it LAAARGE, in a few years time!

Here’s to your success mate, cheers 🙂




I incorrectly mixed this dude up with Dsrtuct.O  last week and so to make amends here he is again!

This time, he is who he is suppose to be!

DestrO- Rambo’s Comin (Drum Step mix) by DestrODNB

DestrO- Realize by DestrODNB



Just UPDATED this:

There’s also a DrumST3P Competition being organized by the Drumstep Forum and here’s what they say:

So here it is guys the first production contest run by the site!!!

Rules are pretty simple…

1) The work has to be original.  No samples that need to be cleared or remixes of anything. You may use samples but they must be duty free.

2) The song must be completed by dec. 1. this will give you about a month, that should be plenty of time :)

This contest will be judged partly by us and partly by you.

1/3 of the vote is based on you guys!

1/3 is going to be judged by the mods

1/3 is going to be judged by the Generation Bass crew.

Now to the good stuff… the prize :)

To the winner you will have your track released on Generation Bass Digi Label.

Plus you will get spotlight write ups on both blogs (trust me that there are a ton of views between both sites).

Also if you are a dj you will also have the opportunity to make a mix for the extremely popular mix series.

If you dont dj dont worry ill get your track in the right hands and get it spun.

As far as second and third are concerned congratulations…. youre the first losers!

If second and third are proper and there is a good enough response ill work out something for you but no promises.

As far as where to submit the finished tracks just put them up and pm me the link.  For those of you that arent very net savvy you can host a song privately on sites such as megaupload or divshare or even yousendit, there are a million sites out there you just have to look.

I’m looking forward to listening to the entries.



We met up with our good friends, Irie Maffia, in Hungary earlier this year at the Pecz Festival and it was great finally touching base with them in person.

They did a brilliant live show but sadly we were unable to watch it all as we had to get ready for our own performances, but the bits we did see, FYAH!

Members of the Maffia are spreading their wings and are working on some side projects separate to the Irie Maffia stuff.

The Maffia have 3 singers in the band and as the band now have a 7 month break, the members are pursuing some solo projects such as the following:

1. Firstly, their Hungarian rapper released his debut solo album after 17
years in the hiphop business with different crews and bands.

Exclusively for Generation Bass:

Here’s a track made from a Peruvian chica sample;

A  mostly english speaking track;

25. Bounce Your Head by Irie Maffia

A whole FREE album for those who like weird language hiphop;

BUSA PISTA: GYÉMÁNTFATER (Irie Maffia Production) by Irie Maffia

2. Secondly, Maffia singer, Sena Dagadu, who is half Ghanian & half Hugarian, is also working on her 2nd solo album.

Here is the first video for that upcoming album:

3. Thirdly, here’s 2 great recommendations from the band of Ghanians who they’ll be working with, Mensa and Wanlov the Kubolor.

According to the band, they sing,  rap and are making a movie and do
lots of crazy stuff.

Mensa just released his debut album this month.

Both of them were nominated for the MOBO Awards African Act category.

Here are some vids of them:

The trailer of their hilarious musical:

Mensa’s Soundcloud page:

No Sir! by M3NSA


Wanlov’s Green Card album is on Itunes and his Yellow Card album made for the worldcup is a free download HERE:

Finally, the Irie Maffia have promised to soon link us up with their new shit with these Ghanians and loads of other crazy stuff and so we here at Generation Bass are really looking forward to that!


In a past life I was known to drop some vinyl as RA-X, havent really worked under that alias for ages really, until I refound some of my love for steady 808 booming electro beats a couple of weeks ago. In about a week’s time I burned up behind my equipment and dropped about 8 or 9 tracks. The best 5 plus a bonus one are now online at the VIRGIN FANG bandcamp. I think these beats are among the best I’ve made for some time and I hope you have a couple of secs to check them out!

This release is dedicated to one of my fav flicks, the 80’s dystopian comedy THE STUFF, check that one out if you like madness and consumer criticism, packed in a nice zombie story! here’s a clip of that great movie, followed by the link to the BANDCAMP page where you can play and (possibly) buy the cutssss!!!