Ok, it’s quite surreal for Mixcloud to call me, DJ UMB, one of the stars of the future but man I appreciate it big time and the genuine sentiment behind it.

I don’t buy it (not because mixcloud are saying it, could be NME/DJ Mag for all I care) but what the hell, if I’m one of their stars of the future, so be it 🙂

Of course I don’t really want to be a star, honestly, just respected and taken seriously as a taste-maker, that’s all.

Of course I’d love my own TV show, a chauffeur, some bodyguards, loads of groupies, etc

No, seriously, I’d love my own radio show and would be quite happy to be given an opportunity to infiltrate the masses with my tastes in that way.  However, I haven’t really done anything to push myself in that direction cause I’ve been so busy with the blog, now the label and my day job BUT watch this space!

Anyway, thanks again so much to Mixcloud for giving me so much support off their own back without me having to ask for it.  Cause that’s exactly how I like to do things, you know people should respect you and take an interest in you without any HYPE and because “THEY” want to and not always because “YOU” want them to.  That’s the sort of support I appreciate most!

Here’s what they say:


World Cup Winner: DJ Umb

DJ UMB compiled his world cup soundtrack Cloudcast following a pre tournament trip to South Africa. The winning mix was definitely a world beater, garnering support from the mighty Mad Decent blog.

Since then DJ UMB has been hitting the European festival scene, warming up a 6000 strong crowd for Gilles Peterson at ROSKILDE in Denmark and along with his blog partner, Vince The Prince, putting on a second GENERATION BASS festival in Holland.

Since then, GB crew have put out a compilation on the Six Degrees label and have just got around to setting up a digi-label of their own!

I’m sure Narcissus is in da House!

Maybe he’s pointing his finger


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