We all had African fever during world cup.. it was fantastic as many of us had a great exposure to all sort of music from Africa!!
But we haven’t forgotten to go back once in a while there!! We have bunch of African stuff!!
To begin:
Museke Museke drops this UTROPIC SOUNDS VOL 1!!
Museke Mûseke – Utropic Sounds Vol.1 by Museke Mûseke
Utropic Pop from the Caribbean to Ghana, from Côte d’Ivoire to Kenia, from Tansania to South Africa, from Mosambique to Nigeria – Enjoy this mix of African and Afrocaribbean Vibez

Now let’s more to individual tracks!!
Decibel-Ambiance Tropicale (BukBuka Kiss Kiss Edit.)
Decibel-Ambiance Tropicale (BukBuka Kiss Kiss Edit.) by BukBuka
FREE Cfd4 riddim!!
Cfd4 riddim (by africa ravers) by sir last stamina
from sir last stamina..African ravers remix
Good vibes riddim (africa ravers remix) by sir last stamina

Afreakan Champion Sound(drct edit) is a Banger!!
Fatboy Slim vs. Solo UK – Afreakan Champion Sound(drct edit) by drct

And i know this one very most of us have remixed it!!!
Schlachthofbronx – Mad Instrument!! ..(in fact i hope i can finish mine
well..this remix gets an african-dutch flava!!!
Schlachthofbronx – Mad Instrument(drct Remix)Downloadable 320kVers. by drct


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