We’ve had plenty of great house music producers in South Africa lately: Jimpster, Quentin Harris, Abicah Soul, Ralf Gum… And Little Louie Vega is here next week – phew… I’ve been fortunate enough to chat to all of them and when asked about South African music, the first name on everyone’s lips is Black Coffee.

Our biggest beat ambassador currently, Coffee has carved out an international name for himself by exhibiting a worldly sophistication while remaining aware of his South African roots, and by making, as Abicah Soul describes it, “real music – not just tracks.”

Coffee has been Culoe De Song‘s mentor and funk facilitator, and by mixing with (and remixing) South African music maestros like Hugh Masekela, he’s made SA’s urban youth aware of their musical heritage and brought classics from the local canon into contemporary clubland.

His skills have been recognized across the world: he has records out on France’s Real Tone, Germany’s GOGO Music and the UK’s Kronologik. According to Abicah Soul, his tracks are being rinsed in Chicago, the birthplace of house music, and there can be no bigger compliment.


There’s one more reason to feature him this week: Black Coffee recently broke a world record by spinning music continuously for over 60 hours! Read the full story on The Telegraph. So not just a worldwide representative for South African dance music, Black Coffee is now a world record-holder too – and he’s done all of this without the use of his left hand, which he lost at the age of 13.

A truly remarkable and groundbreaking individual.

Have a listen to a quartet of his mixes on Red Bull Music Academy Radio and check out the rather cool, comic book-inspired video for “Superman” (featuring Bucie) below.


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