Here’s my new mixxtape, something fresh and flexxing something new.

As you might have noticed I don’t remain static on the mixxtapes front, simply cause I can’t stick to just one style/genre/type of mix.  I love all kinds of music and I think my mixxtapes reflect that.

A couple of years ago, it was all about Global Ghettotech, whatever the rights or wrongs of that tag.  Then, last year it was all about the Dubstep.  This year it’s been all about the PopSTeP, Transnational Dubstep and Lazer Bass and other stuff.  Guaranteed you’ll hear something different this time next year!

So this mixx incorporates a few of the forthcoming artist releases on the Generation Bass digi label.  Some of whom will be released this year and some next year.  Yep, it’s mainly Dubstep-ish or Lazer Crunk/Glitchy type of material.

As I have said before, the Cumbia, Kuduro & Moombahton official releases on the label will be coming next year.  However, we felt it was very important for us not to start with those kind of releases.  We do not want people to start labelling us as a “World Music” or (god forbid) “World Music 2.o litre” label.

Some of you will know why I object to being lumped in with the usage of those kind of terms to define what we try to do on this blog!  For me the music comes first and politics later, as the politics are less important to me.

With the blog, we find that mixing up dubstep with these other things really works for us.  Having it as one of the main or the major focal point of initial interest (plus we LOVE it) seems to draw people in and make them more willing to explore the other musical areas that we cover on the blog.  So you get major dubheads really getting into cumbia, kuduro and moombahton and vice versa, which, is how it really ought to be.

That’s how I explained it in person to Daniel Haaksman recently, when I spoke to him about the success of our blog, after he asked me about it.

So getting back to the post in question, I’m really excited by some of the artists appearing on this mixxtape, hence why we signed them straight away.  They are all very, very special to us.

Anyway, here it is, take a listen, and be open to explore, cause that’s what it’s all about.  If you really, really dig some of it, of course it goes without saying, let the artists know!

Featuring, in all, snippets of 4 forthcoming new artist releases on the Generation Bass Digi Label together with loads of other stuff I’m currently digging.

The artists will be revealed in due course 🙂

Lazer Glitch Bitch (September 2010) by djumb

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