Compadre!! is HERE!!!
Middle Eastern Heavy F*king Bass from Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden!

Seriously hot stuff!! Sick beats..great bass.. wicked vox and if you watch the video you’ll understand why she’ll be one of the hottest things from SWEDEN!!
Compadre is actually a comadre with 2 compadres!! Nadia Kardar Tehran, Love O’Jensa,Tim Söderström
It is been a while since i wrote long stuff about a band or a project.. although i won’t write too much about them.. i DO want to write this: “If in an uncertain future, COMPADRE becomes HUGE (-cuz they have all to be-), u can say.. yeah!! i know ’em..GenBass put them long time ago”
Ok! no more chit chat!!
Here’s Compadre..and she comes
Compadre – Armed by compadremusic

Cannibal Fever
Compadre – Cannibal Fever by compadremusic
Golden Trumpet
Compadre – Golden Trumpet by compadremusic
Watch the video!!
I’m getting a compadre Fever!!

Her MIAMI remix


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