haris pilton

Haris pilton is not a Celebrity, ex porn star or even rich.. but he has something Paris Hilton lacks of..
He was born with TALENT!
So this prodigy son of Ljubljana, Slovenia is bringing Balkan to the new step! Alongside Shazalakazoo, Dunkelbunt, and many more..he is telling everybody Balkan ain’t just a “fever” but a whole universe that is morphing into a Global Bass essential!!
Check His Panjabi or should i say panBALKANjabi?
panBALKANjabi – Haris Pilton ( balkan – panjabi version) by harispilton
AfroPeruvian Balkan!
MACHETE – Haris Pilton Balkan version by harispilton
Get these ones for FREE!
Streets of Balkan
STREETS OF BALKAN – Haris Pilton (balkan version) by harispilton
Dope Duj Duj
DUJ DUJ – Haris Pilton ( balkan version ) by harispilton

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