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Really feeling the Viveros artwork at present!

Liquid Stranger


Dark Elixir


Alpha Steppa





Magnetic Man



Here’s one of our faves, a new track that might or might not appear on his forthcoming release on Rottun recordings.

Apparently, he has so many tracks that he does not know which ones to choose!!!

I’d like to suggest a DOUBLE ALBUM please 🙂

One of the top guys on the scene!



This is A KILLA release man, LOVE IT!

The first track is just one of the best things I’ve heard all year, SurfStep Heaven!..and that sexxxxy man…!

‘The Beclouded Guilt Of Nothing That Never Was’ is the new album from Producer Snafu (aka Ben Pena) on Automation Records. Producer Snafu is a well know figure in the breakcore scene and on this release he merges his breakcore sensibilities with the heavy bass sounds of dubstep resulting in fun headbanging tunes that don’t take them selves too seriously yet never fall into complete absurdity. Despite the playful nature of the album there production skills as well as the songwriting and musicianship are completely serious, this isn’t just another handful of mindless wobblers, these tracks have beautifully crafted melodies and complex beats as well as filthy basslines.



I Am Dark Elixir, I Am A Glitch…A Lost Signal In A Sonic Environment, Displayed as A Waveform i Am A Error…i Am A Ghost In The Shell!

I like that description :-0

Very atmospheric track!

[Dubstep][320] DarkElixir – Core Cycles [HQ][Free Download] by Dark Elixir



Welcome another new boy to DM!

Continuing the atmopsherics of the previous above track and also a gorgeous PopSTeP track too!

NumberNin6 – Mosh by NumberNin6

NumberNin6 vs. William Fitzsimmons – What You’ve Done by NumberNin6



Ok onto the offspring of some legendary cult figures in the UK dub scene of the recent past.

This is the debut Alpha Steppa release featuring Alpha & Omega, my dad and my aunt (my mums side) … so I come from the two blood lines of the UK dub duo. I have been raised to make dubs, relentlessly trained in dub school throughout my life! I suppose I’m something of a dub drone. I’ve been producing and playing sessions in France for the past year. Before that I lived in Bristol so was inevitably exposed to copious amounts of dubstep radiation.

My sound has developed from the UK dub & steppers vibrations drummed into me from birth combined with the recent vibes of the Bristol sound systems.

Right now I’m back in the UK and releasing the 12″ which I mentioned … one side Alpha Steppa and the other side A&O, it’s quite an exciting release because it’s not only the Alpha Steppa debut but also the meeting of UK dub and dubstep AND it represents two generations of dub! a dub dynasty.

At the moment I’m working on an album with A&O at their studio on dartmoor. We’ve been working with some great vocals from Michael Rose, Tenastelin & Gregory Isaacs which will hopefully feature on the album! I’ve also got some sessions coming up with Jonah Dan ( who’s a kind of dub uncle to me.

You need to check out these dub jamz, some of the finest you’ll hear.

If you go directly to their Soundcloud page, I’m sure you’ll find some free downloads and then go and buy some!

Alpha Steppa [FREE DOWNLOADS] by alphasteppa

ALPHA STEPPA meets ALPHA & OMEGA 12″ Vinyl (Released October 2010) by alphasteppa



Had this dude on last week and now the Juju man is back with some Transnational Dubstep!

Here’s a direct 320mp3 link

Eastern Whorehouse by JUJU_M4N



This dude’s rise has just become metriotic since we first started covering him.  He is getting crazy love at the minute!

Dedicated to my Followers and People who support me!

Grab your Free DL — Leave your thoughts — Enjoy the Vibes

Thank you many many times… 🙂

FJH aka Phil

So happy he said “followers” and not “fans” – Fanology is fanny!

FJH – Pandarastan by FJH



Really like what this dude does.

Ever since I stuck his classic “Tears For Monks” track on my “World is Calling” mixxtape a year ago, I have continued to keep an eye on his progress.

Here he has just let loose on some great freebie tracks, imho, must have’s!

MIRAJA MUSIC – 10 Free Downloads for DJs & iPods by MIRAJA



Usually this guy’s tunes are LETHAL, really LETHAL!

Not sure about this one but I reckon he was just mucking around for a laugh and I found it really funny!




The first Dubstep SuperGroup who came and actually conquered!

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