This post is about DJ’s Di Ghetto, a collective from Lisbon, Portugal making cool instrumental  Kuduro beats.

Got onto these via the Xcellent SOUNDGOODS blog and here’s what he says:

DJs Di Ghetto is a collective from Lisbon producing cool Instrumental Kuduro. Check their compilation from 2007 for free here.

One of their protagonists is DJ Marfox with a live DJ set and the tracks below.

DJ Marfox – Mãe Gorda (Download or listen)

DJ Marfox – Z? (Download or listen)

Sadly they’re all at 128 kbps, which means you can’t do f*** all with the tracks but you can listen to them, which I think was one of the main points!

Whilst we’re talking about DJ Marfox, grab this INCREDIBLE mixxtape that he’s done for Echufada full of Kuduro goodness!!!


Producer and legendary DJ from the peripheral Portugal to the big cities DJ Marfox is the core of kuduro “made in Portugal”.

Master of the ultra-monolithic compression he’s huge in equalizing from the massive bass to the more mesmerizing treble between the dizziness to the poetic ringtone.

He has played in many national clubs and block parties that bypasses the Portuguese media but his DJ set from the HARD ASS SESSIONS#1 is the living proof of his lethal progression that shape his sounds and sets.

Portugal and the rest of the world is only a few seconds away…

E-RADIO #12 – DJ MARFOX by enchufada

And while we’re on Echufada, you may aswell grab J-Wow’s mixxtape now out on The Fader:


As ever, we are talking about the fearless Buraka Som Sistema producer/DJ from Lisbon, not the excessively tanned Jerz chica now famous for being a prominent member of the leisure-class-with-a-hurricane-glass. Our J-Wowjust dropped “Spark,” a sneaky new single on his own label, Enchufada, that references both the kuduro stutter his group’s known for as well as classic, neon-rimmed electro. To celebrate, he made us a mix that shows from whence he came which, clearly, is everywhere—he nabs dance beats from Bmore to Joburg, Sweden to Angola, and tosses in a few of our eternal faves (Nina Simone and, um, Spoek Mathambo) for good measure.

My Sparkling Mix For Fader Magazine (13/10/2010) by J-WOW

J-Wow’s Mix for FADER Tracklist
01. Stereotyp Boogaloo (Intro) (CD-R)
02. J-WOW Fogo/Spark (Canblaster Remix) (Enchufada)
03. J-WOW Spark (Enchufada)
04. Pacheco/Pocz Zarbak (Sensless)
05. Ciara Ride it (So Shifty Remix) (CD-R)
06. Cajmere Percolator (Major Lazer Remix)
07. Mastiksoul & Gregor Salto Bate a bunda (4 Kenzo)
08. Seiji Weedkiller (CD-R)
09. DJ Mankila & YS Vem Rebola
10. Cabo Snoop Windeck (CD-R)
11. Benga Bmore Clap (Bert on Beats Bootleg)
12. WILDLIFE! Metazoa (Enchufada)
13. DJ Mujava Mugwanti (original mix) (Dirty Dutch)
14. DJ Mujava Mugwanti (Alvaro Remix) (Dirty Dutch)
15. Sandro Silva & Dj Rockid Fawaka (Foktop)
16. Spoek Mathambo Mshini Wam (Canblaster Remix)
17. Yotam Avni vs Clipse Coke Bouquet vs Mr. Me Too (J-WOW Bootleg)
18. T. Williams Getting Mine (Forthcoming Enchufada)
19. Diamond Bass Se Prepara (Forthcoming Enchufada)
20. Nina Simone Funkier Than A Mosquito’s…
21. Mastiksoul Capotagem (4 Kenzo)
22. DJ Znobia Marimbas do Amor

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