You know some people have been up in arms about the fact that suddenly this new Genre/Sub-Genre has appeared from out of the blue and people have dared to call it something new.

Some say that it’s just  DnB or atmospheric DnB or Half-Tempo DnB and should just be called DnB!

Others are happy to recognize it as a sub-genre of DnB, pretty much in the same way as liquid, jazzstep, skullcore, drum n bossa, jump up .

Other schools of thought argue that it ought to be recognized as genre in it’s own right.

I agree with what this guy said, in the comments section of one of the DrumST3P posts on here, a while back:

“So if Drumstep is just Drum N Bass then you could say that Dubstep is just Garage because that’s where it came from. Dubstep used to be really deep and dark 2 Step Garage and then it was half timed. I have a feeling that Drumstep will continually evolve just like Dubstep did and prove all the people that say its not a new genre wrong.”

Going even further than that, if you’re going to be petty about producers wanting to call their tunes by a new name like DrumST3P, why don’t we just call DnB “Dance Music”!

I know that this argument will continue to rage on, much in the same way as the argument about 2 Step Garage and Dubstep!

In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to call it DrumST3P!


Ok man, this is all about the DrumSTeP FriDaYs posts that I’ve been sticking up all year.  I though it was about time I did a mixxxtape to commemorate those posts.

I had a few hours to spare last Saturday and so I thought I’d drop this mixxtape!

Some of the DrumST3P KinGs will jump on board and do further volumes.

USA’s hottt DrumST3P exports, Dirty Deeds, have already been confirmed for Volume 2, so watch this space.

As usual Lil’ rough round the edges…1cut & First Take LIVE..Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII & DJM 600 & UNMASTERED!

**DrumSTeP FriDaY VoLumE 1 **(Oct 2010) by djumb


1. System Overload – Dee Jay Mee

2. Stuntin Remix – DJ Hipnotikk

3. Basshead – Bassnectar

4. Snake Charmer – Dee Jay Mee

5. Pharaohs – Terrah

6. F*** your Mother – Jiza

7. No Fuss – Dr Philph

8. Hide U (Dirty Deeds rmx) – Kosheen

9. Plastic Beach (Jiza Remix) – Gorillaz

10. Chemical – Vermin

11. Level 2 – Xseos

12. Panic Attack – Diesel

13. Too Hot for DrumST3P (Wondawulf Remix) – Ella Fitzgerald V Funtcase

14. Circles (Wondawulf remix) – Adam F

15.  Here We Go – Bassnectar

16. Never Let You Go – Papuga

17. Who Knew – El Nomada

18. Looking In – El Nomada

19. Greenery – RSK

20. Nowhere – El Nomada


    1. No idea what that is mate….but it’s whatever you want it to be and if people follow it, so be it, if they don’t, they don’t..:D

  1. I’m waiting for people to experiment more in Drumstep, varying it’s influences a bit, but its definitely hot right now. I also want to see more people doing more Moombahcore like Munchi’s remix of Firepower.

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