GENERATION BASS is in urgent need of somebody who is a HUGE cumbia head to take over the Sexxy Saturday Cumbia posts, tailor made for you here @ Generation Bass.

Writing for us will bring you fame, superstardom and world wide recognition and transport you from the sh** list to the +A-list enabling you to mingle with the stars ! lolz 🙂

We need somebody who is passionate and sincere about Cumbia, in all its forms and who can do at least 1 blog post per week.   It does not have to be a supa-long blog post like my Saturday posts, it can be whatever you want it to be so long as the music is HOTTTTT!

I need to focus on the Digital Label and so I need to drop some of the stuff I’m doing on the blog at present.

C’mon man, if you think you’re hard enough, come on board, stop being invisible and gain some recognition for your music tastes.

All you need is SUPA-HOT music tastes and you need to be reliable and committed!  No friggin’ time-wasters please.

Message me at [email protected], if you’re interested.

This is YOUR chance to make your mark on the scene, don’t miss it or screw it up!


Sorry guys CUMBIA BLOG POST position has been taken….

Man, by the perfect person too…

Man, you never know these things until you shout out about it!

Announcement as to who it is..coming soon 🙂


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