Sometimes, it feels good to turn the music off (no, please don’t hit me). Sometimes, it is good, for inspiration I mean, to look at movies, or simply look at the world that is surrounding you, weither you are stuck in global Suburbiapolis, nor in travel, visiting some great places.
I wanted to show you three movies, directed by close friends, wich are great traval invitation. Like they are saying “listen to the music of your environement”. Feel the melody of life.

Thoose two movies were done by a french mediactivist collective called Regarde à vue. They are building every year in Deisheih camp, Palestine, a great video workshop with the many youth of the camp. This year, many members of the collective have tried to edit XP vids, full of sounds, pictures, smells, ideas, forces, resistance, life. Watch it with your eyes. Check out Regarde a vue’s website for more media.

This one was done during a long long trip, alone, in India, by Thibaut Willems, a good friend. 6 months from north to south of India. Pause. He is a real wanderer. For true. He is now walking for long weeks, alone in Turkey.

Hope you liked it.
It’s ok, you can turn your stereo one, and enjoy the Bass again.


  1. great stuff!
    *in the second vid in about the 8th second, you can see they already semi covered up Banksy’s “girl with balloons”stencil.
    Love the films 🙂

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