Some of today’s post is a lil’ nepotistic, in that, it includes a lot of people I know, have met or who live in my home they’re all here on merit, just so you know!!!

I don’t do that cash for questions bullsh** or put me on yer blog and I’ll do this for ya crap!  Ask me that and I’ll give you a!  I know that’s usually how the industry works, but not here!

1. MRK1








9. TM45



12. VON D





You know I was lucky enough to spend some time with this dude in Hungary earlier this year when we went to the Pecz Festival with the Incubate team.

Man, we had some good fun and he’s a very cool dude. He told me a very funny story on how his name changed from “Mark One” to “MRK1”..lmao..maybe I’ll tell you that one day!

Plus he’s an awesome DJ, man he killed it.  Just killa after killa with so much ease and he just wrecked the joint!

This is a killa track from one of the originals in the scene!


MRK1 has been proving himself a master of the house/rave diva vocal sample lately; following the rave monster ‘Move Your Soul’ comes this sun-soaked bit of euphoria with trance chords and enveloping subs. We’re really about the Hatcha & Lost remix, though, which beefs it up with the vocal more upfront over a half-step beat and funk synths. Feel the rush!

Toddla T – Sky Surfing feat. Wayne Marshall (Benga Remix)


A wikkid Benga remix, proving that he’s still one of the best!



Papuga is one part of M-Theory and this is a great PopSTeP numba from this duo based in Lithuania!

M-Theory feat. GuGu – Hold Me by M-Theory

Phear Phace


This dude is only 18  and lives near me, not quite BrumSTeP but LeaminGton SpaSTeP.  On the evidence of this track , keep an eye on him.

Phear Phace – 1001 by PhearPhace



One of my favourite PopStep dudes and he also lives near me too…lol.

I think I got my whole home city on here today!

His tracks always make it on to my PopSTeP Dub Symphony mixxtapes, simply cause they are always imbued with “emotion” and he always does a brilliant job of creating them, all unofficial too.

Here’s a great surprise, 3 new tracks taking in Fort Minor, New Order and Blue Foundation.

Where’d You Go: Fort Minor (Murdok Dubstep Remix) by murdok-dubstep

Someone Like You: New Order (Murdok Dubstep Remix) by murdok-dubstep

Eyes On Fire: Blue Foundation (Murdok Dubstep Remix) by murdok-dubstep

Egoless feat. Diyala


Thanks to NZ based Gareth Lawrence for turning me on to this.

Both of these artists are from Croatia and really interesting vybz here.

Diyala’s vocals are very unique and off da hook!

Check it out!

This track off Diyala’s album called “D.I.Y.” . Produced by Egoless. She is weekly uploading one tune from the album so I suggest you follow her NOW on the following address, to find out about this amazing artist, and her upcoming album… Show her some love on : DYALA

DIYALA / EGOLESS – Wander (album D.I.Y. / by EGOLESS

EGOLESS – Soulstice by EGOLESS



Cool bluesy vocal snippets on this, not too dismilair to one of the tracks from our forthcoming Unsub release.

1st single from the upcoming Labyrinth EP release out on Nov 9th through Alpha Pup: NO COMPLY.  Grab the free download, as well as download a slew of past releases and new tour dates with Ana Sia and Elliot Lipp at the NEW SITE:

Kraddy – No Comply (FREE DOWNLOAD) by KRADDY



We’ve already had some stuff from the Midlands, UK above but that ain’t over!

Here’s some actual stuff from young producers living in my home city and you know how I love to support that.



An 18 year old female producer who only started producing in April 2010!!!

Man, on the evidence of these tracks below, I think she has the potential to develop some great things in the future.

The tracks below have some class & attitude and they demonstrate some potential, love em’!

All The Love In The World – Nine Inch Nails (Nickotin3 Remix) by Nickotin3

Get Sexy – Sugababes (Nickotin3 Remix) by Nickotin3

Lunar – Nickotin3 by Nickotin3



Another new producer from Brum.  he’s only been producing for 4 months.

Here’s what he says:

4 Months of production now, still developing my own style, but trying to steer clear of cliches and general generic sounding dubstep.

I think you’re kickin some ass mate, keep on!

Here’s a couple of freebies but check his page for newer, more recent material!

Inbound by TM45

Contains Thunderwave by TM45



We stuck up a great Marvin Gaye remix by this dude a few months back which was killa!

Now he’s back with an original MONSTA’ tune!

Grimey by Ashes

Die Antwoord dubstepped by 3re


Noice remix/mash up  of their Rich Bitch track with Amon Tobin!

Die Antwoord vs Amon Tobin – Mr Fuckin Psycho (Pirate Pillager & 3re Edit) by 3re

Von D


I was lucky enough to play alongside Von D in Birmingham earlier this year but man it was quite a baaaad (meaning really shit) gig for both of us…lol..

We came on after Bentley Rhythm Ace but man the crowd just were not there for Dubstep.  I got heckled big time, for the first time ever in my life!

Man it was a baaad experience and I just felt really, really sorry for Von D cause he also did not stand a chance with such an arsey audience but man he’s a great dj, he knew how to work his stuff and I was truly appreciating what he was doing.

So, to me, it comes as no surprise that this is such an amazing mix.  It’s full of some of his forthcoming releases featuring our very own Brummie superstar PhePhe, gorgeous stuff man!

Von D – Media Contender Podcast Mix by Von D

1) Science-Motion Tween (Von D “im Your Drug” Remix)(forthcoming Stainage)
2) Von D & Riskotheque – Like a Bird (Forthcoming on Disfigured Dubz)
3) Sines – Dreams are made of (Von D’s Mooving Stab Remix)(Forthcoming Formant)
4) Von D ft Phephe – The Sunlight (Dj Madd SummerStep Mix)
5) Mensah – Digital Dreamer (Forthcoming Hench)
6) Dlx Ft Kemst – City of Cars (Von D Remix) (Smog)
7) J-Kenzo – B-Boy Roy (Dub)
8) 2000F & JKamata – You Don’t Know what love is (Sukh Knight Remix) (Dub)
9) Jack Sparrow – Way Out West(Dub)
10) Walsh & N Type – Fuse (Dub)
11) Von D ft Phephe – You’re the One (Forthcoming on Von D’s Album-Argon)
12)Von D & Riskotheque – Needed Someone (Forthcoming Boka)
13) Von D & Mr Lager ft Phephe – Your My (Forthcoming on Von D’s Album-Argon)
14) Gemmy – Midnight Drivin (Dub)
15) Joker& TC – It aint got a name (Dub)
16) Von D ft Phephe – Show me VIP (Dub)
17) Von D – E Von (Forthcoming on Von D’s Album-Argon)
18) Babylon System ft Amanda Yoshida – What i have Found (Forthcoming Lutetia Dubz)
19) Von D – Incognito (Forthcoming CloqWorq)
20) Von D ft Alyz Be – Push it (Forthcoming on Von D’s Album-Argon)

PointSource feat. Oova Matique



Man, Oova is and looks-wise, he reminds me of that Russian bad guy who Mickey Rourke plays in that Iron man 2 movie!

He usually accompanies Celt Islam on live gigs and is a bostin’ MC, killa dude!

Here’s a couple of tracks he’s just done with PointSource from Leeds and man I’m really feelin’ this!

PointSource – Forward Ever – ft Oova Matique by Pointsource

PointSource-Stratum- ft Oova Matique by Pointsource

Prince Fatty


Let’s finish with some old kool skool reggae vybz with the legendary Prince Fatty:

Supersize is the second album from the much revered reggae master, Prince Fatty, and sees his incredible productions paired with an array of fantastic vocal talents.

The vocal line-up also includes Slits singer/daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook/new Mr Bongo signing Hollie Cook and features a dub of ‘That Very Night’ from her own album to be released in 2011.

Prince Fatty’s 2007 debut album ‘Survival Of The Fattest’ achieved widespread critical acclaim from the music press and was supported across BBC Radio, resulting in a raucous live session on Mark Lamarr’s show. Favoring recording on vintage equipment to preserve his signature sound; Pelanconi’s unique style has attracted the likes of Lily Allen, Graham Coxon, Little Barrie, Gregory Isaacs and Sinead O’Connor to work with him. He has recently opened his own studio The Ironworks in Brighton.

Also, be sure to look out for the dubbed out versions of some hip-hop classics on Supersize; Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ and ‘Insane in the Brain’ by Cypress Hill.

Stream the album above and also cop a free download too of a track called Bedroom Eyes:

Bedroom Eyes Dub is an infectious dubbed out affair graced with the rich and smooth reggae tones of Natty. It’s lifted from the fantastic new Prince Fatty LP, Supersize, which drops via Mr Bongo on 18th October for the digital release and25th October for the physical release.


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