M.I.A. is back with a new track, THE WORLD.

She has also started wearing the Niqab!


I also think that she is wearing the Niqab because it is more PUNK in today’s age than PUNK could ever hope to be.

The West is supposed to be civilized, France being a prime example, lol, yeah, pull the other one, complete bullsh**!


Stream the track here, which has more than a hint of Major Lazer about it!

M.I.A. – The World by Hypetrak

This might sound really weird but does anybody have any direct access to M.I.A. ?

She has used the artwork of my good friend Hassan Hajjaj in her new video and of course he’d like to say a personal thanks and mention/show something else to her, if that’s at all possible?

Hit my inboxx [email protected] if you can help in this endeavour!

Check out Hassan’s work HERE or his BLOG HERE.

He’s been one of my fave artists, and a friend, for some years!


  1. *that paper planes song ruined her underground clout (well it pissed me off, scammin the clash and shit!) This new album has already pissed off the top 40 crowd. and all they can say is, “this aint paper planes”. So I hope she brings more fiya and controversy…cuz i’m so ready for it!

  2. surely standing up for democracy, a concept that the french helped to spread across a large portion of modern europe is much more punk then wearing some fake Niqab made by some upper middle class central saint martins graduate for a cheap media stunt.

    1. French democracy is to ban the burkha…that’s democracy…man it’s laughable…maybe the’re still sore after Algeria, hey..?

      I meant the “essence” of wearing it is PUNK…& it is… in Europe and the West at least!

      Maybe she is manipulating that “essence” and why shouldn’t she if she wants to appear like your worst western nightmare…are they gonna ban nuns wearing whatever they wear next? Or kill all gingers (as was the subject matter of M.I.A.’s first vid from her nu album)

  3. haha i never said it wasn’t a good track 😉 and yes i would agree that wearing a fake Niqab is punk, making a statement for what women have to wear to remind others that they are someones possession. the only thing I dont find punk about it is the advertising concept of it. “hey check out my new single, XXXO, lets make out, oh wait let me lower my face coverings” lol

    1. I’m gonna quote this super talented woman’s comment: “wearing a fake niqab is punk.., making a statement for what women have to wear to remind others that they are someones possession.”

    2. Yeah but PUNK was all about manipulating the advertising world with whatever sold you to it and that was mainly SHOCK tactics…

      Like for the Pistols, it was anarchy, spitting swearing and bashing the Queen!

      It was all fabricated, hence the GREAT ROCK N’ ROLL SWINDLE, McLaren was a master at it….not with just with Punk but bow wow wow etc etc.

      Why is that niqab fake? Just cause it is branded? Most of those things are branded nowadays including headscarves.

      Maybe you meant the intention was fake …which would be true as she does not really wear one but has donned one for the sake of it…but I don’t think it’s just for SHOCK value or a gimmick, it’s really also to make a statement..

      M.I.A. is fed up with the bullshit too….she ain’t no dummy and of course she knows what it feels to be looked upon as an immigrant…

      The statement..why is it so wrong….if a women is NOT forced to wear one, why should she not be entitled to wear one of her own FREE will? What right does any country have to ban this?

      That is what is wrong!

      Personally, I don’t like them but they don’t bother me and if women wish to wear them of their own free will, then they should be entitled to do so.

      If you force them NOT to wear them by criminalizing the wearing of one, then man, you’re not better or different to the men who FORCE women to wear them…there’s NO DIFFERENCE…

  4. True.. if that’s their FREE will.. some of them DO want to wear a Niqab, some of them do not, but they have to respect their beliefs.
    We all should wear or not wear whatever we want.. wherever we want, no one should tell any one what to do, what to say, how to dress, write and/or behave.. That’s PUNK!!
    Punk is about a good definition of anarchy.. (not the chaotic) but the real definition.. as lack of government or styate, in where every one has same right as there’s no top or pyramidal society, no one tell any one what to believe, wear, or listen to.. we do whatever we want.. in terms of behaving well..
    M.I.A. is not punk.. a fake niqab is PUNK.. but it would be awesome if every single woman in the world could wear a fake it’ll lose its significance..
    that’d be punk!! having a gucci niqab store, and the fake gucci niqab retailer!!
    all women in Iran listening to M.I.A wearing these colorful niqab!!
    that’d be awesome.. and i guess it is possible as they can do it.. cuz it is their own will!!!
    is it?

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