al roc

How ghetto is ghetto?

There’s a difference between saying it, and living in the ghetto!

This post is a homage to the most under rated, underground and influential MC from these Global Bass Latin American underground scene.


A real and conscious MC who’s played with Big projects and still remains unknown for many, because he is the Ghetto!!

AL ROC is real.. he is the tough guy. His lyrics are pure gold.

He is the first BOMBA ESTEREO MC that I knew.. before Liliana I knew AL ROC was spitting Fire with Bomba!!

He was also part of Dub Killer Combo

He was in Sistema Sonoro Skartel.. (one of the pioneers of Dn’B fusion in Colombia)

Back in his ASILO 38 days, he even Made it to MTV before anyone else!! and still no one mentioned it..

what a shame!

And even though he is now into Hip Hop, he has also joined Cumbia Rockers All stars!!
Cumbia Rockers Allstars: Dejala correr by Cumbia Rockers Allstars

Anyway.. Hope if a Colombian newspaper or magazine see this don’t miss this kind of stuff..

People like Al roc, Sr ledesma, Bingi Fyah, Batori, Bleepolar, Qurrambeat, Alguacil Gamboa and perhaps myself (caballo) are pushing hard to show a different side of Colombian music and reality..alongside well established projects like Bomba Estereo, Systema Solar, Pernett, Frente Cumbiambero, Voodoo Souljah.

To see how tuff real Colombia is YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS SONG!! Al ROC knows how bad ass the streets are

He is perhaps one of the biggest names in Colombian HIP HOP.. and see him in this documentary!


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