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Some new shit from Subinfinity Recording Labs. Scout Ship has been dispatched to explore future-rim sonics in garage, drum & bass, breakbeat, dubstep and electro, and to report back with next-step hybrid productions.

The debut from Subinfinity Recordings artist Scout Ship presents versions of ‘Soundboy Murderstyle’ featuring the glitched vocals of newcomer Bondgirl69.

The release activates with the lush drones and driving breakbeat of Harmonic Garage Mix forging a magical trance inducing juggernaut first track.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Harmonic Garage Mix) by processrebel

Next up is the pulsing 80s-esque tour de force of Dubwave Mix, where classic arpeggiator patterns propel the brazen glitched-out chant.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Dubwave Mix) !!Free Download!! by processrebel

In track three, Jazz Ghost Mix shows off a fresh minimal arrangement with a tough junglist attitude and sensibility.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Jazz Ghost Mix) by processrebel

Lastly, Soundtrack Instrumental Mix shows off the songs 172bpm with a head-nodding four-on-the-floor and by hook or by crook plays like a recently unearthed neo-gothic cold wave classic.
Scout Ship – Soundboy Murderstyle (Soundtrack Instrumental Mix) by processrebel

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