From Berlin, you wouldn’t expect to have a latin, funky, and latin jazz band!

DLC*SÜDSOUND comes with an amazing attitude that will make you really dig this new Latin-Salsa explosion that is going thru all over the place.

They define their music as BERLINER SALSA mixing german n spanish in their lyrics!

They are from everywhere!! Berlin, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Luxembourg and Denmark!! Mega combo!!!
This Berliner concept alludes to the development of a specific sound influenced by the city; both in its geographical and emotional dimensions, you can feel the funk, jazz, rock, hip-hop and turntables as it weaves itself together with salsa.

There’s been a resurrection of the latin “old school” since 2005.. but now many of those projects are getting stronger, and finally blooming with new sounds..adding beats, funk, turntable and so on…

Let’s start LA FIESTA!!!

“El Abogado Musical” by DLC*SÜDSOUND by dlcsudsound

Here’s their first Single.. FOR FREE

1st SINGLE “Tumbao Disonao” RADIOVERSION ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by DLC*SÜDSOUND by dlcsudsound

Love the trumpet in this one!!

Se Toca Como Se Siente” by DLC*SÜDSOUND

“Se Toca Como Se Siente” by DLC*SÜDSOUND by dlcsudsound


  1. Great find, definitely a band I’ll keep on my radar (from the other side of the pond). Berlin has actually quite a large Latin expat community with a couple of great bands like Seeed and Culcha Candela. Both mix German/Spanish/English lyrics with Reggae and Latin vibes. Culcha Candela just released their second album on the 22nd; check it out here: http://www.culchacandela-dasbeste.de/play-album.php

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