alejo duran

Now we have CanalH doing cumbia, as well with Vince “the Prince” and Dj UMB; I can start a different approach to the roots of Latin Riddims.

I will try to show artist that were very unique, and perhaps influenced the whole music scene.

Today i want to start with the Accordion king, the first one, the most respected, beloved, influential and “covered” by the vallenato elite alongside Escalona!!

Although he didn’t do cumbia openly.. his style was unique. opening a new era in the actual way of playing accordion.

You need to know the connection between Alejo Duran & Los Corraleros del Majagual!

“El Negro Grande” was the first Rey Vallenato ( @ “Vallenato Legend Festival” in the city of Valledupar) and is often cited as one of the best Vallenato musician of all times!!

“¡Hombe!”, “¡Apa!”, “¡Sabroooso!”, and “¡Aaay!”. are the most popular expressions in vallenato.

All of them, Duran’s.

He was born in 1919, and I had the chance to see him live (on TV) as he died in 1989, but we all knew him in Colombia, even if you didn’t like vallenato, as he made it BIG TIME during 1987’s Legend Fest, when he disqualified himself against Colacho Mendoza, unleashing all the fury from Valledupar truly vallenato fans (and a mini riot -guns included...-) who until today keep saying it was a move from the labels to give the crown to Colacho.

He was a Master in all vallenato styles!! Including the less common one


I am sure most of you know a different version… THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

Here’s he is LIVE from Valledupar ..performing a PUYA!

His most common songs are either a..PASEO!

or a Merengue

or a Son

So what’s with Alejo Duran, and Corraleros?

Alfredo Gutiérrez, Calixto Ochoa, Lisandro Meza, “Chico” Cervantes, Eliseo Herrera, Anibal Velásquez, were all disciples of Alejo.

Without Alejo Duran, any of these guys would have had that particular raw sound, which means we wouldn’t have had the corraleros nor cumbia as we know it.

He was Massive..

To finish this post.. i will post .the one and the only DIOMEDEZ!!! playing Alejo Duran!!

You need to hear the tones, the highs and intonation Diomedez does with Duran’s tune..

This is sooooooooooooooooo good… Pure flow, pure vallenato!!and the best part!! The accordion is being played by Cocha Molina! (Duran’s most advanced student)


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