I’ve been following Jah Billah (from Croatia) since early 2006. He was one my first “friends” on Myspace and then later I was checking his tunes on versionist.com (a short lived site for reaggae/dub/dancehall producers that sold last year to http://reggaedubwise.com/). Now with connections through Facebook and Soundcloud I count Jah Billah as one of my OG web2.0 producer contemporaries.

He has been “Billahism”-ing classics and peer artists alike and getting to what I hear as an original and unique signature sound. Here I’ve got some of my faves of the past year. I drop many of these dubs at my residencies in Amsterdam where they always earn gestures of respect and love..

Some of these are free downloads up to the 100 count Soundcloud cap – so get ’em while you can!

Forward the Dub>>>>>

Jah Billah representin Stalag Higher Frequency Orbit riddim version by Jah Billah

Jah Billah representin Iyano Iyanti on Stalag Ghetto Glitch mix ‘DUB MUSIC GIVE I STRENGTH’ by Jah Billah

Jah Billah representin Sassja “CAN’T FIGHT IT” on DUB Song ( Sassja mix ) by Jah Billah

Jah Billah Cuss Cuss 2010 by Jah Billah

Dem Outta Here (Jah Billah Remix) by processrebel

Jah Billah Ruff Harmoniza by Jah Billah

Cheers ~ Process Rebel


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