Holy hi-hats Bassman!!!! Another heavyweight release in a relentless schedule of dubstep pressure from Subatomic Soundsystem!! This time featuring Elephant Man (a.k.a. The Energy God) who delivers his signature hyper-charged style over completely unexpected riddims of bass blasting dubstep, dirty barefoot dancehall, future roots reggae, and dub.

I hope they can keep up this release pace because i’m starting to get addicted to it 😉

Elephant Man – Vampires & Informers (Emch’s Subatomic Soundboy Burial Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by SubatomicSound

Subatomic Sound (NYC) teams up with People’s Records (Kingston, JA) for the first in a series of releases bringing together top Jamaican artists with top electronic producers worldwide. Kicking off with an extra loud bang, is the “Vampires & Informers” release, a rare look at Elephant Man, one of the world’s top dancehall artists, vocally delivering a ferocious portrait of Jamaica’s “vampire” politicians, “bloodsucking” informers, and the “military society” of the ghetto youths.

Originally a top selling limited edition 7″ vinyl recorded with Sly & Robbie back at Kingston’s Black Scorpio studios, here is “Vampires & Informers” resurrected and completely re-imagined with producers Subatomic Sound System, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Ming (of Ming&FS), & Kush Arora just in time for today’s vampire-loving, blood-thirsting, electronic-obsessed youths to lose their minds at Halloween raves, block parties and dancehalls around the globe.

For the “Vampires & Informers” release, Subatomic Sound label head Emch was on a mission to take Elephant Man somewhere you have never heard before and he went the extra mile to secure the firepower of electronic producers who had a deep understanding of the reggae tradition, but at the same time are making waves with their own signature styles: Setting the tone, NYC’s future dub crew and producers of Lee Scratch Perry’s first dubstep tracks, Subatomic Sound System taps the heavy bass of dubstep, classic 70s Jamaican dub vibes, and the terrified screams of B-horror movies; Dubblestandart (Select Cuts), for 20 years one of Europe’s top ranking live electronic dub bands, lays down an eerie futuristic roots riddim that sounds like Black Uhuru dubbed out in Count Dracula’s Transylvania castle; Vienna’s Stereotyp (K7/Crunchtime) mastermind behind the Man Recordings’ KU BO project and one of the pioneers of experimental dancehall and global bass music, flexes his dirty bass style known as “barefoot” that is turning heads round the world; Ming (formerly of Ming&FS) takes you on a vocoder-ed dreamy dubstep journey that brings to mind Joker and Flying Lotus productions; SF producer Kush Arora (Dread Bass Soundsystem) brings it back the crypt for a scary high velocity percussion heavy riddim that draws on dubstep, UK funky, and African kuduro riddims. True to reggae fashion, the release includes several dubs of the riddims for extra DJ usability and listener pleasure.

The cover art by artist Angelo Gastelum plays tongue in cheek on the hyper-real blood splatter of Japanese horror films and the latest first person shooter video games, a reverent update to the comic book, scary movie style used on classic dub reggae albums by the likes of Scientist.

While there have been other linkups of Jamaican vocalists and electronic producers in the past, “Vampires & Informers” takes it to a next level of commitment. No posturing or cut and paste mashups here. This is real and scary like a heart attack. “We come fi peg VAMPIRES! SUCKING ghetto youth blood like a mosquito!”

Elephant Man “Vampires & Informers” w/ Subatomic Sound, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Ming, Kush Arora by SubatomicSound

Cheers ~ Process Rebel

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