In a past life I was known to drop some vinyl as RA-X, havent really worked under that alias for ages really, until I refound some of my love for steady 808 booming electro beats a couple of weeks ago. In about a week’s time I burned up behind my equipment and dropped about 8 or 9 tracks. The best 5 plus a bonus one are now online at the VIRGIN FANG bandcamp. I think these beats are among the best I’ve made for some time and I hope you have a couple of secs to check them out!

This release is dedicated to one of my fav flicks, the 80’s dystopian comedy THE STUFF, check that one out if you like madness and consumer criticism, packed in a nice zombie story! here’s a clip of that great movie, followed by the link to the BANDCAMP page where you can play and (possibly) buy the cutssss!!!

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