2 days in a row we’ve had freshhh Moombahton madness from some of the old and new masters!

Here’s another new dude who really caught my attention with his MAGIC! Perhaps the most accessible dancefloor friendly Moombahton material thus far for a “commercial” dancefloor!

Really xcellent tracks here including a Moombahtonized version of one of my alltime favourite tracks, Cesaria Evora’s “Angola”!

The African Flute track is just sublime too and the Loopers track, MurdeR!

This dude is getting love from Nada and Sabo and so big ups and watch out for more stuff by him.

A nu MooMBaH master has arrived alongside Nada, Munchi, Sabo, Heartbreak et al, welcome him to the gang fellas!

African flute – (obeyah moombahton edit) by obeyah

Alex font – angola (obeyah moombahton edit) by obeyah


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