We met up with our good friends, Irie Maffia, in Hungary earlier this year at the Pecz Festival and it was great finally touching base with them in person.

They did a brilliant live show but sadly we were unable to watch it all as we had to get ready for our own performances, but the bits we did see, FYAH!

Members of the Maffia are spreading their wings and are working on some side projects separate to the Irie Maffia stuff.

The Maffia have 3 singers in the band and as the band now have a 7 month break, the members are pursuing some solo projects such as the following:

1. Firstly, their Hungarian rapper released his debut solo album after 17
years in the hiphop business with different crews and bands.

Exclusively for Generation Bass:

Here’s a track made from a Peruvian chica sample;

A  mostly english speaking track;

25. Bounce Your Head by Irie Maffia

A whole FREE album for those who like weird language hiphop;

BUSA PISTA: GYÉMÁNTFATER (Irie Maffia Production) by Irie Maffia

2. Secondly, Maffia singer, Sena Dagadu, who is half Ghanian & half Hugarian, is also working on her 2nd solo album.

Here is the first video for that upcoming album:

3. Thirdly, here’s 2 great recommendations from the band of Ghanians who they’ll be working with, Mensa and Wanlov the Kubolor.

According to the band, they sing,  rap and are making a movie and do
lots of crazy stuff.

Mensa just released his debut album this month.

Both of them were nominated for the MOBO Awards African Act category.

Here are some vids of them:

The trailer of their hilarious musical:

Mensa’s Soundcloud page:

No Sir! by M3NSA


Wanlov’s Green Card album is on Itunes and his Yellow Card album made for the worldcup is a free download HERE:

Finally, the Irie Maffia have promised to soon link us up with their new shit with these Ghanians and loads of other crazy stuff and so we here at Generation Bass are really looking forward to that!

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