Death is the most important event of life. Don’t you think ? Death will always have you as a FREE DOWNLOAD ! That’s ok, if you have been a good cumbia warrior doing your cumbihad, you’ll find 72 sexy virgens waiting for you in heaven to dance cumbia and loose control…

In a few days, it will be “dia de los muertos” in Mexico and in various parts of the world, a lot of people will remember friends, people, souls from the other side… But don’t be too sad, I am sure they are having a nice time, they read Generation Bass and dance cumbia as our fellow south americans brothers taught us ! So… how do you want me to be sexy with such a topic, seriously ?! Death… I guess UMB is right, he is sexyer than me !! But I managed to bring you nice stuff and downloads so that you forgive me not to be so sexy.

1. Bareto – Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo – vidéo & Sodoma y Gamarra EP. Don’t go crazy on the name (“bareto” is “joint” in some part of south america), it’s only music ! It’s a peruvian group coming with a nice vidéo and a whole downlable EP, “Sodoma y Gamarra”. “Sodoma y Gamarra”, “la distancia” and “Pa’ todos hay” are more laidback cumbias perfect to chill out the stress of the week but the other 3 tracks have that distinctive peruvian sound and are more uptempo. I recommend “Ceja de selva” my favorite, it could nearly fit a Sonido Martines mix with some “vinyle scratches layers” on it ! Ya se ha muerto mi abuelo is an original theme from Juaneco y su combo.

Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo by Bareto Perú

2. Sonido del Principe – cumbia de los muertos. This one is for the most hardcore of you cumbiamberos. Sonido del Principe offers us this solid nueva cumbia with woobles, claps and a featuring from kid static. The song has been validated by hardcore Dj’s:  Villa Diamante, Caballo and Mitémas so that’s enough, DOWNLOAD IT FREE !!

Sonido del Principe – Cumbia del muerto f kid static by La Naranja Mécanica

3. Ozomatli – Cumbia de los muertos. A lot of the readers will know this one, I know… but we have to think about all kind of cumbiamberos… That’s a 90’s classic when alternative band were begining to mix world influences in their songs. Ozomatli is something like the “US Mano Negra”… Check it !

Cumbia De Los Muertos by MarcoNESS

4. Dj Dus – de la muerte EP: DJ DUS has taken the principals of 1970’s era Jamaican soundsystems, a producer’s approach to developing new material and a DJ’s skill behind the turntables to develop a unique and inspired mix of cumbia, hip hop and reggae tracks that translates to a new and fresh sound- best described as NU Cumbia. I playlisted him in various mixs of mine. I love his sound, although I am not sure about credits & samples…

5. Chee Bo – El Baile de los muertos compilation Vol 1, 2 & 3

Chee Bo is a Dj from Los Angeles, California and he is coming since 2008 with his compilations right on time for halloween / día de los muertos / Toussaint. Don’t you find he has an obsession with cumbia & death ? Do not know, but we had to mention his work. He’s sharing all these tracks with us. Here is his Vol 1 & 3 more oriented on rock’n roll/rockabilly/surf rock, but vol 2 is more latin/cumbia. There’s some obscure tracks and rare stuff. Dig it !

El Baile de los muertos Vol-3 (2010): DOWNLOAD

El Baile de los muertos Vol-1 (2008): DOWNLOAD

El Baile de los muertos Vol-2 (2009): DOWNLOAD

01 Miguel Angel- El Esqueleto
02 Los Gibson Boys – El Vampiro
03 Los Belmonts- Los Locos Adams
04 Los Americans- El Diablo Esta En Su Corazon
05 Los Sleepers- Diablo Con Antifaz
06 Leda Moreno- El Diablito Loco
07 Tony Camargo- La Llorona
08 Orquesta Aragon- Los Fantasmas
09 Ska Cubano- Babalu
10 Willie Colón Y Héctor Lavoe- Te Conozco Bacalao
11 Misterio- Vampirella (Bonus Track)
12 Black Mascara- Klitori Master (Bonus Track)

5. Let’s play ! How much sexy girls can you see on the Diego Rivera masterpiece on the top of the post ? Let your sexy  imagination bursts !


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