Another great one in the series, another of my personal faves.

SoundAmerica going from strength to strength!

Here’s what HD says:

Friends around the world!

Soundamerica reborn again.

This time the driver of the musical journey is Bootlegumachine: a sonic shaman from the heart of Mexico; tracker of musical rarities as well as lost mushrooms in the desert.

As if it was not enough, he’s also a blogger and an avid lover of techno and cumbia equally.

Expect musical talent from Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Chile.

For cover illustration it could not be less, so that we rely on the talent of German de Souza at Coreographix, whom more than one will know for his musical side as Cherman: a multifaceted Argentinian living in Barcelona:designer, llustrator, vj, editor, producer and cultural agitator at its best.

As if both individual dangerousness was not enough, both share criminal activities at FOLCORE Collective, with prominents groove bandits such as Canalh, Caballo, Meneo, Nice Noise, Le Freak Selector, El Timbe and maybe some other not yet identified by Interpol.

-Mind the gap, my friend!
Soundamerica strikes again.

Soundamerica vol.17 selected by Bootlegumachine
1 .-Puro Divino _Meneo
2 .-El gauchito gil_Fauna (Daniel Klauser remix)
3 .-Sopa de caracol_Banda Blanca
4 .-Por Panamericana_Mc CAco
5 .-Sudaca invasor vs Soy Raka_Frikstailers vs Los Rakas
6 .-Tierra Santa_Sonora
7 .-Violentao_Maria y Jose
8 .-Son de Cora_Banda Cohuich (kaman dj rmx)
9 .-Loituma_Erick Rincon (3ball experimented)
10.-Etelvina Maldonado_Uproot Andy & Geko Jones(Manuelita Rmx)
.Music selected by Bootlegumachine
.Cover Illustration by German de [email protected]
.Graphic Design by [email protected]
.Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik.
.Presented by Generation Bass.
.Creative Commons License.
October, 2010.


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