The Doom Generation today are:


2. Nilow

3. Datsik

4.  Rusko vs Sunday Girl

5. Alexis K

6. d3NdRON

7. The Claw

8. Ctrl/Alt/Del

9. Charbel Kamar

10. 6ixtwelve aka Polymer Drone

11. LebelgeElectrod/Anecdot

12.  DJ Rusty Meeks

13. X) Bad Trip

14. Dropfellas/NHertz

15. 7FT Soundsystem


Unsub record

A sense of Déjà vu?

Of course there is, because this is the 3rd post today on the blog that mentions our new release by Unsub!  Third time lucky 🙂

Go and check the previous posts for further info or check our NEW RELEASES PAGE.

In the meantime, grab that BRILLIANT Daft Punk Remix again!!



What a great & positive way to start.

Nilow does it again.  Last year he did a great job with the Lisa Mitchell beauty, Neopolitan Dreams.

This Iz remix follows on from that one, with some more feel-good factor, for these harsh economic times.

Also check out some of his recent releases!

Somewhere over the Rainbow – Nilow Remix – (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Nilow

Jammin J – Perfect Score – Nilow & PaniKa Remix – OUT NOW on 3 Roots Audio by Nilow

Rock n Roll of Filth – OUT NOW !! [BF-Recordings] on 12″ by Nilow

Get Ready – OUT NOW [BF-Recordings] on 12″ by Nilow



Datsik remixes Don Diablo feat Dragonette!

Xcellent work & absolute KILLA tune!

Grab it HERE



Sunday Girl vs. Rusko

Hey Stop (Club Mix)

Download this song



Alexis K not only remixes tracks on this awesome EP but also took the controls on the Executive Producer front.

She brought in the brilliant Majiika who adds some hip hop mc’s into the equation to great effect.

There’s a great VIP remix too and finally one by Alexis’ partner in crime, Spinsta, who delivers an equally atmospheric version with loads of deep wobble!

Really gorgeous work here!

Need to Feel Remixed [TDP026] 28/10 by AlexisK



I have not posted anything by these dudes since when  I posted a brilliant Cumbia remix waaay back HERE.  Of course that same track also graced my La Super Cumbia Futurista mixxtape!

Really surprised therefore to hear them doing some dubstep but I love it.  I hope they do more!

Bounce Back to the Future by d3NdRON



Also includes some Imogen Heap right at the beginning.

Jason Derulo – Watchya Say (Hulk Remix) by The CLAW


New C.A.D graphic

Remix of French Rapper Stromae

Alors on Danse – Ctrl.Alt.Del by CTRL|ALT|DEL



Noice, noice track here from this dude based in Tucson, USA!

Charbel Kamar – Thunderlight by Charbel Kamar

6IXTWELVE aka Polymer Drone


Depeche Mode are one of my all time fave electronica bands.  Not the force they once were in the 80’s and 90’s but their influence and popularity has not diminished with time.

Really good remix man by Polymer Drone!

Depeche mode- Oh well (Polymer Drone remix) by 6ixTwelve



Tin Tin, Jean Claude Van Damme and chocolates is what I think of when I think of Belgium and of course some other stuff too, like The Congo but let’s not get into that here.

Also I always think of Pidgeon Fanciers, as I was stuck in a hotel full of them when I did a gig in Antwerp a few years back.  I haven’t been back!

However, I’d like to now add to this “think”list, this dude who hails from Belgium.

LeBelgeElectrod – Koza Bobkov by LebelgeElectrod / Anecdot LeBelgeElectrod – Crystal Eruption by LebelgeElectrod / Anecdot

Some Extracts of my Live set by LebelgeElectrod / Anecdot

LeBelgeElectrod – Three Pitting of Syringe by LebelgeElectrod / Anecdot



Featured a BLINDING track by this dude on last Friday’s DrumST3P post, you need to go back to pick it up, if you have not done so already.

Love that pic above which I took directly from his page.  I like the track too, not as inventive or as exciting as the DrumST3P track he did, but still good  🙂

Van Tek – Straight Muggin (Rusty Meeks Remix) by DJ Rusty Meeks



I really like this dude’s style!

2 xcellent floor killers remixed by him here!

Nero – Bad Trip by X) Bad Trip

Borgore – Love by X) Bad Trip



Another new release from Italian No Mad Records crew mixxed by Mr Mad himself, NhertZ!

Love the monkey sounds man!

You need to check out their releases, they’re doing some very interesting work.

Dropfellas – Crashed Monkey ( nhertz remix ) – Forthcoming on NoMad Records!!! by nhertz



Xcellent mix here by my bretheren in CapeTown, South Africa.

Great, great DubNess here!

7FT Live – sSHADOWORKSs mixtape – free download [320 kbps] by 7FT Soundsystem

7FT soundsystem [Slew-Roy on the mic] Live recording
for the launch of sSHADOWORKSs new website.
Free Mixtape downloads everyday for the month of November
from SA’s top electronica , bands and DJ’s.
check out

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