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For its second release, GENERATION BASS drops some dark global bass by UnSub.

This female dubstep producer from Australia incorporates elements of Gospel, Blues and Middle Eastern folklore and thus draws on a very distinct vibe. This is heavy dubstep, driven forth by wobbling, aggro bass lines!

Un Sub adds melody and energy, lacking in most of this stuff produced at the moment. Is it because she’s a gal? There aren’t many around right now throwing this kind of weight around.

She drops an amazing collaboration with model and singer Irina Mikhailova!


“Before Dawn”, as this banger is called, ushers in a new era in global bass music.

Get ready….

Bassnectar is already a big fan!

“YAH MAN!!!!! HARD CANDY! That unsub shit is DOPE! WHO IS IT?!!?!?! I LOVE IT!!!!


Lorin Ashton aka = Bassnectar = 🙂

Who needs a list of the proverbial DJ Support when you have King Kong, himself, supporting it!

Album/EP TitleExhibit A
GenreDubstep/Transnational Dubstep
Release Date01 Nov 2010
DescriptionSecond EP release on Gen Bass Digi
Tracklist1. Before Dawn Feat. Irina Mikhailova
2. Signs of Aggression
3. Erotomania
4. Hard Candy
5. Breeders
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UNSUB “EXHIBIT A” EP COMING SOON by generation bass

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard ‘Before the Dawn’. I purchased this morning and the whole EP is great. Lots of heavy bass and beautiful melodies. MOAR like this please!

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