This guy is just going from strength to strength, awesome new release from him.

He is Lazer Bass’ MR FUNK!

Funky grooves man, all crunked up to send you out into psychedelic solar space to fill your head with glitchdust!

Grab this free track that we have exclusive give-away rights to!

The title of it is highly appropriate cause when listening to this album you need to get your FunkWear on! 🙂


Now you can read all the official Speil:

One of Colorado’s premier electronic producers, VibeSquaD, will release his fourth full-length album entitled “The Fire”on October 21, 2010.

Staying true to his unique take on glitch-hop, hip-hop, and bass music, Aaron Holstein, aka VibeSquaD, is taking these genres to new heights with “The Fire.”

In the past few years, VibeSquaD made a huge impact on the US electronic music scene with his captivating and energetic live sets. Anyone present at his performances at rammed clubs and festivals can vouch that he is hands down one of the most entertaining performers in the scene right now.

His sound is energetic and packed with interesting sounds generated from the far reaches of our solar system. It’s loaded with thick, fat drums, heavy bass and eects, and jaw-dropping, dynamic changes.

VibeSquaD’s “The Fire”undoubtedly will take listeners to an elevated state of bass.






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