Yes, we need more of YOU!

Fancy being a blogger on Generation Bass?

Have you got what it takes?

If you have a great ear for music, are ahead of the pack, can offer some committment and reliability and always wanted to blog for us, then, now may be your chance.

At present we are at almost 4000 hits/views/visitors per day, which is twice the number this time last year!!!

We’re being mentioned all over the place as “ONE” of “THE” music blogs to check out.

Our reputation will hopefully continue to expand as we’ve just set up our own digi label. We’re set to release a number of awesome EP’s and albums, across all genres, this and next year.

We have loads of other plans too,which we will reveal in due course.

We NEED people to blog the following:

1. Mixxtapes

We need somebody, dedicated, to posting a weekly round -up of some ( a max of 3) of the most amazing mixtapes, across all genres, that they have found that week. Must be an OBJECTIVE selection and not be based upon mates or favours.

Also to get some xclusive mixxtapes that influential & proven dj’s/producers want to do for Gen Bass.

2. Dubstep

We need somebody to assist me with Dubstep posts on a regular basis.

We’re after somebody who can combine the BEST of new, unheard of, producers with what is HOT in the scene at the moment. You would also need to be able to predict/introduce what is likely to be HOT in the future and thus follow the continuing development of Dubstep.

You “must” be able to blog across all Dubstep sub-genres and NOT focus only on FILTH for example!

A great combintion of filthy BARE Dubstep with other stuff, Post Dubstep, Transnational Dubstep, Popstep etc etc would be great.

We’d be wanting a minimum of 2 Dubstep Monday posts per month.

3. Global Basss

We need another person to keep an eye on all the developments on the Global Bass Scene, Moombahton, Boombahchero, Kuduro, Funana, Tropical and so forth.

We’d like a weekly post exploring some of these genres/sub-genres and uncovering other new genres/sub-genres, wherever possible.

You need an ear for progress and development and we also want XCLUSIVES.

So, if you’re interested please let me know and e-mail me at [email protected]

It’s a great opportunity for you to make your mark on the scene, be respected and folllowed as a valuable opinion/taste maker.

We are after genuine music lovers who wish to share their passion for music!

Please be sure you can commit before you contact me cause I’m not very good at tolerating time wasters.


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