Watch out, sexy & musical !

1. Empresarios – Sabor Tropical” EP: Empresarios is a group co-formed by Javier Miranda, a Fort Knox Five and See-I collaborator. They are launching a new EP “Sabor Tropical” (out on 11/01/2011 on Fort Knox recordings) crossing the boundaries of Latin funk and Cumbia. “Sabor tropical” is tagged as “reggaeton” but it’s more a tropical funk ! “Cumbia”, the second track of the EP, has a classic cumbia opening followed by a funky keybord, a spanish guitar inna reggae stylee. There’s a good timbalero and an excellent piano line, it’s a real funky cumbia. 100% de la buena. So my advice, comment the track, encourage them and support they work buying their track.

Cumbia by Empresarios

2. Nickodemus remix Empresarios : You probably have heard this excellent remix by Nickodemus who reworked the “Cumbia” from the Empresarios into a dizzy latin funk bomb ? This is another very successful uptempo blend crushing reggaeton-house and cumbia. There’s fabulous handclaps !  The guys tagged it “latin-funk” so I guess they had a lot of rhums while  uploading these tracks cause… what a funk ?? Anyway, I am not a funk “connoisseur”… Let the controversy for another day, take a rhum and dance, it’s a hit !

Cumbia (Nickodemus Remix) by Empresarios

3. Monte Laa Productions: Attention ! Attention mi gente ! We stay uptempo… Vienna is known for beeing a hot city in Europe although cold winter is showing his nose right now. A lot of good producers live there nowadays and make booty shake ! The project Monte Laa Productions is coming up with a percussive proposition (they are looking for a label on this one), dancefloor orientated basslines and a touch of  accordeon sabanero. That’s way from traditional cumbia, but you can feel the influence and you know we like that at Generation bass. Especially if producers mention original artist or sampled sources…

[unrel.] Shanti Roots – Cumbia nightlife by monte laa productions

4. Stincky Jim – Remember that Kinky Electric Noise remix of Unitone Hifi from one recent UMB Saturday (real) sexy cumbia ? Well the remixer got remixed by Jim Pinckney aka Stincky Jim ! It’s funny, good ant it’s our Sexy saturday cumbia FREE DOWNLOAD !

Unitone HiFi – Hang On (UHF Rmx of the K.E.N. Rmx) by Stinky Jim

More FREE downloads next week. Support artists and independent labels in the meantime !!


  1. Hey Canalh & GB
    thanks so much for posting our Hang On remix, much appreciated. However I am only one part of this affair as it is a Unitone HiFi song which K.E.N. kindly (and wickedly) remixed for us and then we remixed his remix. There is some ‘Stinky Jim on his tod’ stuff imminent but this one is all Unitone HiFi and we are chuffed that it’s our third appearance on GB this year.
    Live up

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