Some of you know these names: Cumbia, 3ball, mambo, merengue, reggaeton, urban, and so on..
although here on generation bass we normally do not post MESTIZA
Today we are going to drop few videos and a Free song and ONE Exclusive RMX!!

What is musica mestiza?
Musica Mestiza gathers outernational riddims such as upbeat ska, alternative rock, reggae/ragga, dub, balkan and latin rhythms (cumbia, vallenato, champeta, merengue…etc..)ALL in one concept!!

Few bands we have posted here are into Musica Mestiza in their full expression!

All of those bands have many things in common. Not only musically but also in the art which normally is very colorful!
Most of them can go from ska, to dub, and then to salsa in one song… and the next one can be totally based of drum n bass!!

Ozomatl, King Chango, Manu Chao, Locos por Juana, El gran Silencio and Los Rabanes are few of the thousands examples that we can find in the Mestizo sound!

Perhaps most of you know the Ska-latin Version but after his visit to Colombia, things changed a lil bit for this Master!


Sargento Garcia joined Pernett, Curupira, Bomba Estéreo, Radiocumbia, Mojarra Eléctrica & Richard Blair (Sidestepper)

and they did an album called Cumbia muffin!! His live versions got more and more cumbianized!!

This is a Live cumbia version of ACABAR MAL

A good example of how diverse these bands are, we have Grammy Nominees
Locos por Juana, who were in LatinAfrica with a CHAMPETA!! (free DL)
well.. LPJ Drop this Drum n bass RMX made by SHIELD of their Latinoso sound
Locos por juana- Plata o Plomo Remix by S.H.I.E.L.D

If you remember Latino Resiste Vol 1 (free DL)
El gran silencio got dubstepped
El Gran Silencio – MC (Bleepolar remix) by Bleepolar
But El Gran silencio sound is not that dubstep related, they are the pioneers in something called Chuntaro Style
This is:
No sabemos amar

Finally one of the most innovative bands of musica mestiza and latin rock rhythms:
they released Demons on Fire just few months ago and they joined an icon from an Indian tribe in Panama!!!
for real..
These guys are soo innovative that you have to see the video to understand the importance of having on the scene the composer and musician from the Kuna tribe , “AudriYala” who with their participation gives a mystical touch not only to the song but to the video as well.

All visuals are made by AFROMESTIZA


  1. Wow.. otro acierto de Caballo!! la musica mestiza es el corazon de latinoamerica.. Solo un rebelde como el ekino nos puede guiar en lo que esta pasando x los ritmos latinos!

  2. Big Ups Caballo.. very few sites put mestiza updates!!
    Rabanes and an indian Kuna..
    Where u found this stuff? Definitively that is why GB set itself apart from the other blogs !!
    Good stuff!!

  3. Thanks bro! @Gux.. means a lot coming from one of the new masters of cumbia!!
    Thanks.. that song with the Kuna guy is great b/c only ruben blades and now Rabanes really try to explore the Panamenian musical side of the indigenous communities, as they are the ones who can really make it outside .. it is great from them!!

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