My good friend and xcellent Latin music DJ, Brian Parsons sent me this BRILLIANT new video of a Chilean band we’re both huge fans of.

Brian is responsible for being the first dj to have introduced me and the Birmingham public to the sounds of Latin America and boy, he knows his music.

The video of the track is probably the best I’ve ever seen of a cumbia track….mind-blowing!!!

More than a band, the Chilean Banda Conmocion (sic) is an artistic collective, nineteen musicians who enjoy playing among the people and over the stage. It isn’t weird to see them putting their instruments down during their presentations, playing while they get comfortable among their audence, then everything becomes into a delirious carnival, and a big party on the concrete. “La Conmocion” is a troup, a family which has played together for 7 years by now, and maybe that’s why instead of records, their memories are only in those who have had the pleasure of being there. They started in 2001 as a parallel musical proyect of Mendicantes, and then, they continued playing in ceremonies like marriages, baptisms and funerals, before they got to the stages on 2005.

They are attached to the instrumental northern tambo, traditional parties, the cumbia, the porro, the cuyahuadas, vals, the bolero, the San Juanito. We dare to say they have chosen as their roots the love they have to the Latin American music, and since some years by now they have included some gypsy music; and that is how they have extended and spread their music, mixing as if they were some saltpeter stillworking band


  1. Arriba la Conmocion! This is one of my favourites bands! Here in Chile we got a new movement called “La nueva cumbia chilena” (the new chilean cumbia).
    Bands like chico trujillo, cholomandinga, wuachupe, juana fe, villa cariño, sonora baron, combo ginebra, and a lot other bands.
    I found this article on facebook, posted by the same “banda conmocion” and let me tell you that is great to now that in other place, in others countries, by other people! This music is hiting like they do here in Chile.
    Hi(s) from Chile! and from all the people who enjoy this lovely, happy and encouraging for this times when all is depressant!


    1. Thank you brother for this message, I appreciate it.

      We will do a post on La Nueva Cumbia Chilena in more depth, I will ask our new cumbia blogger, Canalh to cover it, thanks and of course we have your contact details in case we need some help 🙂 Over to you Canalh 🙂

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