Please, somebody HELP.

He’s my favourite DJ and he always puts a smile on my face and I want to know who he really is, does anybody know?

Can anybody reveal the true identity of the real DJ Cremoso?

I swear I’ll keep it secret, I won’t tell anyone 🙂

I wait for your response.

The Scientist (Dj Cremoso Remix) by Dj Cremoso


  1. hahaha! UMB you sound like Lois Lane asking Superman his true identity!! He might not want to tell you to keep you out of harms way!! lol

    Dj Cremoso brings smiles everywhere he goes 🙂

    1. Well, maybe Cremoso wants to know who Umb really is and who Red Revolt really is never know..but there’s one thing I do know, that is, by the end of this year, I’ll know who Cremoso is…

  2. “the Cremoso Prophecy” …who is he? what does he wear under his clothes? is he really a man? all this and more in an exclusive interactive interview with UMB coming this winter.

  3. Man, He is from Brazil and probably don´t speak english.

    If you want to I can translate any question you want to make to him. 🙂

    Then after the first contact he could ask for help from google translator. LOL .

    Cheers buddy

    1. I want to do an interview with him and tell him he makes me very happy and that I love him [like a know..I like women..]…lolz

  4. for sure, he is from recife and he’s not zé pedro.
    also, the man is a genius, i bet he speaks english, like most people that work with music, specially djs.

  5. LOL I Know who he is. He’s brazilian, from Recife, arround 25, works at an advertising agency as a designer. He’s got a funny mustache

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