Some kid with big hair who likes to make weird music. "Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta."

I havent posted for a long time over here, but ill try to post some more!

Anyway imma go straight to the point:

Funk is going a direction I quite dont understand with the whole catchy melodies, romantic-all-heared-before shit. When you first had a option to choose between montagems, the raw shit etc, now the romantic thing  is everywhere.

While thinking about this -read, while actually being mad about this- I got a facebook message from the ppl of Xão. I know that they know their shit because i’ve been listening to their shit for some time so i checked it out. Seeing their last video, (the live mpc mix) this one was even more crazy. FUCK!!! (yeah. with bold letters and with the caps because its that hot.)

So I had to post this shit right here, right now. Funk needs more attention.

Here you got some raw mpc bashing combining the Funk/Bmore thing the way it should be. This shit scared me at 1:30, be warned because you gonna get wild.

Don’t you think this is a good creative direction for funk?

Ai caralho.


– vid made by the CHAACH




  1. Comrade is the godfather of Funk here in NYC and has since spawned a giant interest in the genre, production and DJ style. BIG UP COMHAJI!!!

  2. Lol i was listening to them before all the promo’s and still am actually. Back then i wanted to work with them and i havent changed my mind. They do great shit and deserve even more exposure than they already have!!

  3. BIG thanks guys. Munchi – you’re a BEAST & UMB…nuff raspek!

    Gen Bass has become a ‘Mecca’ for the music we all love and its because of all the hard work/time you guys put into it. keep it up!

    besides that, i just wana big up the crew in Rio, who inspire allll this….Mc Gringo, Mc Gus, Mc Maiquinho, Mc Dandao, DJ Amazing Clay, Dj Cabide & all the XÃO familia…

    tons more vids coming soon!
    oh..and (BOOK US… you won’t regret it 😉


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