Some kid with big hair who likes to make weird music. "Me dicen el desaparecido, fantasma que nunca esta."

Ok so what im going to do right now is called shameless selfpromoting.

My EP is finally out on T&A Records!!! I’m happy as fuck!!! And as some of you know I always like to seperate the tracks and talk a bit about them. Some of you read it, some of you say “fuck you, idc” and skip to the downloads. Whatever you prefer, thank you for the support over this hectic year!

I’m still in doubt if I still have to wake up from this or if it’s actually happening, lol. But one thing is for certain, i’m not planning to stop making weird shit for the peopleeee!

So I hope you will like this EP, we did with a variety of genres. A album is coming up aswell with a even bigger variety so be on the lookout for that too. See this as a desert, (Fuck a appetizer, I always start with desert and then eat the main course. MJWAWWNN)  as a tastemaker for the main course thats coming to fuck you up. HA!!!

Ok enough brag ‘n boastin and bla-bla-bla-ing, now to the tracks!!

1. Shottas / 2. Shottas (DJ Ayres Edit)

Munchi – Shottas ft. Mr. Lexx by Munchi

The original had cut up vocals of Bounty Killer on it, but Mr. Lexx pretty much killed this one! The clapping sound you hear troughout the track is just me slapping a random rhythm with a spoon while eating cereal. I had a mic back then n recorded some random things haha. It has a bit of the Fidget influence and ofcourse House/Funk/Reggeton/Electro/Dub/Dancehall in it. I just made what i felt not really looking to genres. Its just a raw filthy ass track that only cares about fucking you up with bass. And if you are thinking wtf is this?! See this as a big ”Fuck You” to all the people who think naming genres and making formulas is more important than the musical creativity itself. YA.

3.  Toma Essa Porra

Munchi – Toma Essa Porra by Munchi

This track started as a Bmore track called “State Of Emergency” (with Jay-Z vocal), but i wasnt happy with it because it had like 2 tracks in it. Eventually I decided to make a part 1 & 2 for it and the first one was on the Bmore 2.0/2.1 release. Still the 2nd one didn’t sound right and I put the vocals in it of my favorite funk track ever (using only the break vocals), my favorite Os Ousados track and a finishing touch with Mr. Catra’s raw voice. This made it sound almost the way how i wanted, so i chopped them up even more and put more Dutch House influences in it. Like that it had exactly the hyped energy I was looking for. This track is mixing the Bmore/Funk/Dutch House influences.

4. Murda Sound VIP

Munchi – Murda Sound VIP by Munchi

This was the VIP of the original Murda Sound track that was on my Dubstep Promo. There was a preview of it on my 2nd Bmore Promo but this is the full version. The vocal you hear in the beginning is of Bounty Killer and originaly was chopped up in ‘Shottas’. Obviously this is Baltimore Club with Dubstep.
The bleepy lead is actually a bit off aswell. I kinda liked that effect, because it seemed more raw like that. Also the Dancehall vocals fitted for what i was going for, yeah I fucking love to chop vocals lol. MORE FUCKING BASS!!!

5. Hope

Munchi – Hope by Munchi

This is a track inspired by that great video of Cinnamon Chasers ‘Luv Deluxe’ (i was so addicted to that song) and the beat of the beginning is inspired by that Fleetwood Mac song ‘Gypsy’ (no joke) i like that little step in that song at the end of the 4/4 its so addicting lol. I tried to combine that feeling the ‘Luv Deluxe’ track gave me everytime with the ‘Gypsy’ step and mix it with Moombahton and Burials work on vocals without losing touch to a Reggeton/House base, giving all the elements enough room to compliment eachother. If your lost dont worry, my mind is a fucked up one lol. This one means a lot to me because I really was hoping and I was in a fase like what is happening here?! It also has this dreamy vibe to it because i couldnt believe it. You get really thankfull when you go through hard times and get so lucky.

6. Madre No Llores

Munchi – Madre, No Llores by Munchi

This was actually going to be my first EP when nobody liked my shit. I was going to try and push it via Digital Tunes. It would be a 3 track EP with the same vibe, in that Burial influenced Ambient Dubstep kinda thing. The tracks voice is a 1/4 second Sade snippet chopped and pitched up in every possible way to make it sing. I think no one can express this emotion at the level of Sade and when restricting it to only emotion and tone without the words to express I think you hear that quality even better. As if she couldnt express what she wants to say. Also sampling Jim Carrey from the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’. Vinyl sound, rain and wind appear only as final touches, icing on the beat. In the intro you hear me writing something, in the end just scratching it and lighting the matches to burn it as it have never existed. The offbeat beat and the subtile sine beeps were things to add to the emotion. That said, this is a track I made for my biggest inspiration: my mother.

This is my first release and to be honest it actually feels weird that it ain’t free, because im so used to that.

But if you like it support me by buying it at one of the links you prefer:

Turntable Lab
Zero Inch

Thank You!

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