Yep it’s no secret that if I didn’t have a missus, I’d be dating Munchi’s hair!

Sadly, I can’t be unfaithful to my missus with Munchi’s hair BUT I’m gonna try damn hard to get the infamous hair a “Wella” sponsoship deal…LOL..alongside booking DJ Cremoso for my next big birthday party!


We’ve had Moombahton, Balkanbahchero and Boombahchero but you know the best shiiiit in the world for me is Moombahcore, invented by this here young snippet of a man, MUNCHI.

This is the second BIG one after the legendary FIREPOWER!

His LEGEND just gets bigger and bigger, pretty soon we’ll be questioning whether he in fact, actually exists!

TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Rmx – Munchi’s Kinda Agressive Right Now Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

DOWNLOAD (right click “save target as”)

Stay locked in, more MUNCHI MADNESS to come in a bit, from the MADMAN himself!


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