1. Katakresis – la cumbia Malvada + FREE EP: Katakresis comes with this track featuring his New FREE EP on the Cabeza! Netlabel. He’s from Chicago, but currently lives in Santiago, Chile. He believes in music and literature (so he’ll die very young).  Electronic sounds, fat hip hop beat with an old school touch, wait for the first minute to hear the distinctive cumbia sh sh sh, but the song is percusive and FREE so grab it !

La cumbia malvada by katakresis

2. Jallallalacumbia – Cumbia Numberwan: From Sweden but with strong connection to Bolivia, Dj Mateo comes again with a downtempo cumbia featuring a swedisch rapper. The accordeon driven melody gives his cumbia a melancholic feeling. It keeps a very aerian feeling all the way through and manage to hook you up, makes you dream and send you from the heights of the andeans to the space with some intelligent use of effects and electronic sounds. Good job. The swedish version reached 100, but you still can rap over the original: it’s FREE DOWNLOAD ! Thanks Dj Mateo and long life to your blog and your club el Cumbión in Stockolm !

3. People of the way – Cumbia de las fichitas: OK this one is very unusual. This really laidback tune is tagged R&B and Hip hop but cumbia too… (a lot of tracks tagged with cumbia sometimes have nothing to do with it). So I listened to some nicely put cymbals and wood percussions that gives a light cumbia touch on top of  a R&B voice, conscious lyrics rap and premium melodies… Very nice job People of the way !

4. Folcore – 3 FREE edit / mashup / remix: Folcore crew based in Barcelona gives aways for FREE a rework of a huge classic that influenced a whole generation of producers, a strong obscure kreyol rap which has been cumbianized and a Beastie boys mashed up inna villera style !

5. El Diablo – A ton of B.I.G: You want to know waht it’s like Notorious BIG singing on a cumbia tempo ? El diablo did it very well so, let him a comment and download this huge classic which has been given a very good “cumbia treatment”.


    Rowdy T Northlondon the UK rap artist who robbed Yung Berg of his batman chain, has cranked it up another level by producing a Yung Berg diss track and youtube video feat Yung berg’s baby mama “Beanna Mcferren”.
    Listening to the the berg diss track “SHUT EM DOWN” it is clear that Rowdy-T Northlondon is communicating with Beanna who is also subsequently on Rowdy T Northlondon’s top listed FACEBOOK friends.

    Yung Berg diss track Video Youtube:


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