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Jairo “Campesino” Mendez is BACK!!!
For those who don’t know Campesino..
His music speaks for himself!!
He has roots and fire, flavor and soul, speed and good taste.. He is CAMPESINO – Ferias del Rio and Miss tanga after parties Venezuelan DJ Champion !!-
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Jairomendez y el poderoso – marejada vs jelly wet mash up by jairomendez

After Cumbia of the tiger..he drops Cumbia Gorilla!
Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez
Black is the night – dj vadim ( jairomendez remix ) by jairomendez
In case you wanna know how M.I.A sounds doing merengue, dembow..
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Walking across the paper planes ( technomerengue mix )
Walking across the paper planes ( technomerengue mix ) by jairomendez
Berry watta berry – JairoMendez Refixxx by jairomendez

Campesino is soooooooooooo good..
YOU NEED TO listen to this moombah!!
You got the moombahton by jairomendez


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