Fabian is one of the big guys doin’ it large on Soundcloud and hopefully that will translate into the real world, where we all think, his success deserves to be.

Here’s who he is:

I am 22, a London student at Goldsmiths uni doing IT, been making music on the computer for about 8/9 years now, really loving the new dubstep scene and cant describe how pleased I am with all of your feedback on my soundcloud page, THANKS! I get my inspiration from Datsik, Excision, KOAN sound, Diesel and many more, also much respect to all the talent I have come across on soundcloud.

I used to make experimental psy dub/trance tracks when I started out then discovered DNB which blew my mind and really got me into more underground darker sounds so I gave that a go for a couple of years under the name of “EQ”.

When I first heard dubstep I was awe-stricken and fell in love instantly! From that moment on I have been committed to making either the nastiest, gut-pumping sounds I can possibly conjure with the equipment I have or in contrast, calming liquid style dubstep tracks. It is a pleasure to share my efforts with all of you and I appreciate any feedback I receive.

Much respect and thank you!


I think it’s quite safe to say that this dude is going to make it as a successful name on the scene, check out his work.

Fabian – Deep Blue [Extended] by FABIAN

Fabian – Crying Notes by FABIAN

Latest Dancefloor Smashers by FABIAN

Dub Mentality by FABIAN

Retroform by FABIAN

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