First off, this 8 bit piece from Bazooka that is timed perfectly with the video by Patrick Jean.

Right, now that your head has been rattled a little, lets get into some introductions and downloads, shall we?


Here, we have a friend from my hood and I’m stoked to help Phraktol get his work out to you. [U.S.]

He is a Santa Cruz, California based artist who has just finished up his newest EP titled “Smile” to be released on his “Not Strictly Dubstep” Label, penned in for December 1st of this year.
This release is packed with 5 high energy floor fillers that are going to satisfy those bassy needs we all suffer from.
For an idea of what this bad boy is about, download his free EP at and check out his soundcloud account.

Phraktol is multi talented in that he’s working on some great dubstep and he also creates amazing digital art. He’s done work that featured Excision, Downlink, and I’m proud to say, my labels design. Don’t hesitate to contact him about any art inquiries. His facebook account is Cody Phraktol Stearns

Phraktol’s Site :
Not Strictly Dubstep Blog:

01 Phraktol – Battledub by phraktol
02 Phraktol – For The Smokers by phraktol 03 Phraktol – My Pony (Pantydropper Mix) by phraktol 04 Phraktol – Hype Hype (Little Bastard Mix) by phraktol


Next, we have Aftee from Columbus, Ohio. [U.S.]


This young man has some amazing talents and when I say young, I mean you can forget about hanging out with him at the bars.
I contacted him recently to see about his latest works considering I haven’t heard anything from him in 2 years.
Somehow I missed his progress up until this point and I’m truly blown away. This guy is on a rampage as far as his work flow is concerned and I’m happy to say here that he is now part of the Crossroads family.

To celebrate his joining us we’re going to give away 100 free dl’s of his tune “Click Clack” from his forthcoming EP titled “Let ‘Em Know” out December 1st.
This is just the beginning for Aftee at Crossroads and he’ll definitely be included in future compilations. Look out for forthcoming solo projects as well.

CRSRDSEP009 – Aftee – Click Clack [Out on Crossroads 12/1/2010] by crossroadsrecordsmusic

Alright, here we have a brutal remix from Dash Total’D. [U.K.]

Pendulum’s The Island has been slowed to 140 and this shit is dark. The intro seems really broken up and it almost sounds unfinished to me but the drop is gonna make you grateful I posted this if you like it rough. Prepare those speakers and your ears. They’re in for a beating.


Pendulum – The Island (Dash Total’D ‘Dub’ Remix) by Generation Bass Fish


A new collective of artists has joined forces and have labeled themselves the Dubthugs. [U.S./U.K.]

Trap Jaw, Switch, D-Queue, TPX, Celt Islam, Satmeka, and Seeda are the early members and with that roster we’re in for some future treats.
Let’s take note now, and for the time being enjoy this freebie from their LFO Alchemy EP.

Trapjaw & Switch – Giant Enemy Crab by Generation Bass Fish


Spliff time while you download these hip hop influenced dubs from the homies Direct Feed & Disturbentz.

These 2 hold it down in Southern California and are known to bring the heat!

The dubs I’ve included here were topped off in early 2009 if I’m not mistaken, but they hold strong, so here ya go. [U.S.]

Direct Feed & Disturbentz – Real G by Generation Bass Fish Direct Feed n Disturbentz – Nothing To It by Generation Bass Fish


To round off my first post, I’ve included an exclusive mix from DJ Sashwat. [U.S.]

Sashwat is a relatively new face in the Dubstep community.

Reppin’ the East coast and now residing in Maryland, this up and coming DJ is gaining a great rep for having a good time behind the decks and he’s already opened up for some big names and is on everyone’s promo list at this point. EVERYONE’S except yours, so go and find him!

The mix he shared here is a blend of 50 tunes for your listening pleasure.

To quote Sash: “Wasn’t completely flawless (but certainly no trainwrecks or major flaws) more or less a nice deep mix”

And that’s all I needed to include it here.

Download link>

Big Up DJ UMB for the opportunity to write for Generation Bass. I’ve been following the site for a while and I have always really been impressed with the artists that are shared here. This is the first of many! Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks a lot bro!!!

    Here’s a tracklisting for the DJ Sashwat mix that is posted above for those who are interested:

    01 Caspa & Rusko – One of The Same [FABRIC]
    02 Subscape – All Day [DUB POLICE]
    03 Brown & Gammon – Who’s Woman [FORTHCOMING ANALOGIC RECORDINGS]
    04 Psy:am & Stinkahbell – Dripping in Swagga [ANALOGIC RECORDINGS]
    05 I&I Productions vs. Aftee – India [DUB]
    06 Kromestar – Weak [DUBSTAR]
    07 Psy:am & Stinkahbell – I Shall Not Fear [FORTHCOMING SUMTING NEW]
    08 3rdeye – Yonagoni Dreams [Dubtek & Idmercial Remix] [DUB]
    09 Synkro – Wonder Why [SMOKIN’ SESSIONS]
    10 Trolley Snatcha – We Go Deep [DUB POLICE]
    11 Distance – Fallen [Vex’d Remix] [Tease] [PLANET MU]
    12 Trolley Snatcha – We Go Deep [DUB POLICE]
    13 Kromestar – Lock Down [Original Mix] [DUB STEPPERS RECORDINGS]
    14 Kromestar – Poison [DUB STEPPERS RECORDINGS]
    15 Roommate – Dub Dem Dub [DUB]
    16 Von D & Mahanee – 4 [LUTETIA DELIGHT]
    17 DJG – Duality [PUSHING RED]
    18 Ashburner – Souled Out [FOR THE WIN RECORDS]
    19 DJG & XI – Putney Says [SUREFIRE SOUND]
    20 Native & Altimeter – Clarity [DUB]
    21 Optimus Gryme – Annihilation of the Ego [VIP Remix] [OPTIMUS GRYME RECORDINGS]
    22 Overcast Radio – Atlantix Dub (Paske Ayiti) [BETAMORPH RECORDINGS]
    23 Kaiori Breathe & Tripwire – The Shortest Distance Between Two Hearts [BETAMORPH RECORDINGS]
    24 The Widdler – Visitors [VIP] [DUB]
    25 Slave Driver – Unknown [FORTHCOMING WAR SERIES WHITE LABEL]
    26 Zeno – Clish [The Widdler Remix] [DUB]
    27 Sine Here – I Feel You [DUB]
    29 OSC – Fuss & Fight [WAR SERIES WHITE LABEL]
    30 Sub Antix – Oracle [DUB]
    31 The Widdler – Independance Dub Demo [Tease] [DUB]
    32 Sub Antix – Oracle [DUB]
    33 The Secret Lemon Project – Squirt [DUB]
    34 iFa – Sherpa [DUB]
    35 Marshy – Get On Up (Get into it) [DUB]
    36 Phil Harmonix – Purple [DUB]
    37 iFa – November [DUB]
    38 Laney – Hungry [DUB]
    39 OSC ft. OoGun – Version For Version [WAR SERIES WHITE LABEL]
    40 Bukkha – Armageddon [FILTHY DIGITAL]
    41 Optik – Don’t Go [Laney Remix] [DUB]
    42 Oceania – Fading [Tease] [FORTHCOMING ANALOGIC RECORDINGS]
    43 Optik – Don’t Go [Laney Remix] [DUB]
    44 p0gman – Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz (Part 1) [DUB]
    45 Phaeleh – Afterglow [Akira Kiteshi Remix] [AFTERGLO RECORDS]
    46 Subscape – Screw Up [DUB POLICE]
    47 Roksonix – Just Jokes [PRIME AUDIO DIGITAL]
    48 HULK & Conscious Pilot – The Sybian [DUB]
    49 Charlie Sloth – Prison [Cottonmouth Remix] [DUB]
    50 hubsmoke – Dirty Fingers [DUB]

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