Hallo! Allow me to introduce myself: andykisaragi here, the latest member of the Generation Bass famalam, and also the guy behind Untimely Sound… Here’s me, in a hole, rockin my GB t shirt and a hammer:


OK, pleasantries out the way, lets get down to business: I’m your new roving mixtape reporter bringing you a bi-weekly selection of the finest DJ mixxxes to be found on the interwebs… and today I bring you: Octa Push, djmq and DJ Delay!

Octa Push
Love these guys, they played live after me at the Boneyard in Bristol last year and blew me away with their brand of digital kudurostep (check it out at the Octa Push soundcloud) – here they deliver a mix traversing the heavily electronic edge of the Global Bass spectrum
Octa Push – Antena 3 Mixtape by Octa Push
Animal Collective – Brother Sport; (Domino)
Nguzunguzu “El Bebe Ambiente; (Nguzunguzu)
Daniel Haaksman (ft. Seguindo Sonhos) – Hands Up (Erick Rincon remix); (Man Recordings)
LOL Boys – Counting (123 Reprise); (Palms Out Sounds)
Jackal Youth – Broken; (Reduction)
C.R.S.T. – Redeye; (forthcoming Catapult Records)
Roska & Untold – Myth; (Numbers.)
Serocee – Badeng (MJ Cole remix); (Jambrum Records)
The Badical – Don Bismarck; (Unreleased)
Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce – Tripped Up (Ramadanman ReEdit) (Blunted Robots)
Octa Push – Monkey Island; (Optimus Discos)
Distal – Boss of the South; (forthcoming Grizzly Records)
Suckafish P Jones – Bubble Farm; (forthcoming Disboot)
Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears; (Ninja Tune)
Distal – Oldboyman; (Car Crash Set)
Optimum – Max Power; (Planet Mu)
J Wow – Fogo/Spark (Canblaster Remix); (Enchufada)
Pacheko & Pocz – Zarbak VIP; (Senseless / Unreleased)
Octa Push ft K-Tronik & Toni Clean – Puxi Pum; (Optimus Discos)
Samo Sound Boy – Taking It All (Melé Remix); (Palms Out Sounds)
Harmonimix – A Milli; (Unknown)

Some Deutscherap right here, this is a mix I posted on Untimely Sound a few weeks back but thought it deserved a wider audience here! I love German hip hop, maybe because it doesn’t seem quite like it should work – to a non German speaker it’s a pretty clunky sounding language: French hip hop is just too easy, stick anyone speaking French over a beat and hey presto, it just flows, as a language it’s already rhythmic and lyrical… but with German you have to work harder for it to work, but when it does, its worth it. This tape seems to be a bit of a tour of the history of German hip hop, Check the Kool Savas tune at around 20 minutes, Slomo & Lunte at about 34 mins… & look out for some Deutsche versions of big American rap tunes…

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djmq: Blog | twitter

Kinderzimmer Productions: Intro
DCS feat. Scope: Kopf an Kopf
Stieber Twins: Fahrenheit 72
Huss und Hodn: Arschgestopft
Marsimoto: Mein Dad ist HipHop
Curse: Rap
Flowinimmo: Urlaub am Attersee
Olli Banjo: Hongkong
Kool Savas: Keep it Gangsta RMX
DJ Ara feat. Kool Savas: Neongelb
Tim Xtreme: Schuldbewusstsein
Laas Unltd feat. alle: Nein, wir kenn’ dich nicht Reloaded (Re-Milli)
Slomo & Lunte: Ich gegen alle
Die Krähen: Finde deine eigene Sprache
Morlockk Dilemma: Nachbar
Eins Zwo: Danke, gut (Doppelkopf RMX)
Waxolutionists feat. Vierzueins: Face off
Fumanschu: Ticktack
Moabeat: Du machst guten Rap
Die Fantastischen Vier: Nur ein Traum
Manges: Ein Biss
Waxolutionists feat. Manuva: Nachtschattengewächs
Albert und die Philosophie (Outro)

DJ Delay
dj delay
And finally… My Bro Brian from Berlin just Blew up with this Balkan Beast. Blam! DJ Delay aka Brian May is known in Balkan circles for his electronic reinterpretations but here he reminds us that folk music was all about rocking the party long before any 808s or 909s got involved! No downloads or tracklisting yet but check this out!
Balkan Beast #6 by Beam Up & DJ Delay


  1. would be good to have “richtig geil” by “ich und ich” on yr mates deutschhop tape too. cool savas has some nice gear on the CLP album too…which im sure you know ´bout..

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