This guy finally got up on Soundcloud a couple of weeks ago and it’s about time!! Early Worm is a producer I got wise to through a release he did a couple of years ago on the San Francisco label Voltage Music (run by the SF Don of Dub Tomas Palermo).

Early Worm tracks sound like they were crafted among an archipelago of analog gear in a sea of cables. When in reality (like many of us!) he’s a man with a mac laptop running Ableton Live with the nice accompaniment of some Selmer saxophones and Horner melodicas.

Check it!

Mary’s Dirty Dub Farm by early worm

The Battles of Electric Selectah & the Natty Droid(Tonights episode Dub King Killahs) by early worm

My girl Clone by early worm

The Rarest Gummy by early worm

Nuff McQueen by early worm

Earlyworm – NileDread Kush Arora Remix by Voltage Music

Cheers ~ Process Rebel

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