TROWA is a duo who I’ve been plugging here on these pages for a lil’ while now, just love what they are doing.

Their first EP of original work titled Bollywood Bandit, is available this Friday through Play Me Records and next month you’ll be able to grab one of their remixes on Armanni Reigns’Off The Grid EP forthcoming on Atlantic Connections’ Westbay Music Group.

They’ve also just let loose on loads of BRILLIANT goodies:

The Glitch Mob – Drive Like You Stole It (TROWA RMX) by TROWA

Click to Download “Glitch Mob – Drive Like You Stole It (TROWA Remix)”

Cassius – I Love You So (TROWA RMX) by TROWA

Click to Download “Cassius – I <3 U So (TROWA RMX)”

Evanescence – Missing (TROWA RMX) by TROWA

Click to Download “Evanescence – Missing (TROWA rmx)”

J.O.B feat. Anjulie with MadV & 12th Planet – Warrior (TROWA RMX) by TROWA

Click to Download “J.O.B feat. Anjulie w/ MadV & 12th Planet – Warrior (TROWA RMX)”

Here’s some official stuff about who they are:

TROWA is a pair of earth-based travelers, who through the transcendence of time, have manifested a physical carbon copy of themselves here in present day. Through quantum existence they are able to remain on both an extragalactic planet in the year 3003, as well as here in this galaxy. TROWA spawned from an ancient earth civilization, whose direct contact with extra terestial DNA affected their biological makeup, creating a unique hybrid found nowhere else in the universe.

TROWA is here to help galvanize the potential of a great consciousness shift in humankind, necessary to overcome the tyranny of a New Galactic Order that would otherwise send the residents of earth into a 1000 year downward spiral. Through their manipulation of sound waves, TROWA takes form through many styles, channeling high-energy music that elevates listeners beyond the construct of society’s bullshit.


Click to Download “TROWA – Superluminal Mix”

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