You know, there ain’t NO STOPPING our Munchi!!!

He comes back with more innovation, this time with a 3Ball Dub remix of the brilliant Skrillex monsta’!

Personally, I much prefer his Moombahcore versions, BUT this is just as XCEPTIONAL!

You know for me, Munchi really started to grab my attention after FIREPOWER.  Prior to that, yes I thought he had great potential, but he was not xceptional, albeit I LOVED his Moombahton stuff.

For me, his moombahcore version of FIREPOWER changed all that and the boy became a man, and not only did he become a man, but he also started on his way to becoming a bona fide LEGEND.

I’m 500% certain that, that prophecy of LEGEND, will be fulfilled within the next 3-5 years, maybe sooner, provided he keeps his feet on the ground and his head clear of shiiit and continues to focus on the task at hand!

Munchi is a MADDDDDDD GENIUS, in more ways than one and you’ll see what I mean in due course!

Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro by Munchi

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