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Yes, yes, soon, the first GENERATION BASS compilation will be coming out worldwide on CD and digital formats.

Yes, blinkin’ CD in this day and age.  A COLLECTORS item I would say, to mark your adolescenece, or for some, mid-life crisis..lol..

Here’s a taster of the kind of sounds to expect.  Just so you know, NONE of these tracks appear on the actual compilation.







“The OBEY sticker campaign can be explained as an experiment in Phenomenology. Heidegger describes Phenomenology as “the process of letting things manifest themselves.” Phenomenology attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured; things that are so taken for granted that they are muted by abstract observation.”


Unsub is one of the most amazing new artists I’ve discovered, having already released Exhibit A by her this year as her debut release.

Grab the EP HERE.

You’ll be pleased to know that the follow up, “Exhibit B”, is going to be coming very soon too 🙂

She will also feature on our forthcoming DrumST3P EP.

She can count Bassnectar as one of her biggest fans and so there are no limits to her talent.

To prove this yet again, not that she needs to do so anymore, here she is, with a re-work of a classic Bar 9 tune.

Some of you might recall me sticking the original version on my Chinese Dubocracy mixxtape around this time last year.  How time flies!

The second track stays with the far eastern theme and is a remix of Nilow’s Chinese Dreams that is due out on BF Recordings soon.

Bar 9 – Strung Out (Unsub) by Unsub

Nilow – Chinese Dreams (Unsub) [BF Recordings] – Forthcoming by Unsub


MumbaiSteP or BollySTeP or BombaYSTeP!!!!

Whatever you wanna call it, it has its roots  in transnationalism, and these 2 tracks are very, very good man.

Mohabat by sunskript

Puppet Master by sunskript


Fantastic chilled outstep vybz here, really great stuff for a sunday morning and/or quiet moments of contemplation.

I’m a DJ and I love UK music. We don’t have too much in England to be proud of, but one thing which makes me feel blessed is that our country is a pioneer in the creation of such cool and diverse dance music. I was never much of a patriotic person, but now I live in China and am pushing urban UK music in all the clubs here in Beijng. In the last two years I’ve performed at Outdoor Festivals and Raves like ZOO FESTIVAL and INMUSIC, I’ve DJ’d in an Aircraft Hangar and on a Floating Boat, I’ve been interviewed in Time Out, The Beijinger and Agenda Magazine, I’ve hosted Award Ceremonies and my night RIDDIM drew interest from local and national press in it’s 9 month run. I’ve supported DJ Mag top-20 acts like Infected Mushroom, Anderson Noise and this is just the start. My latest adventure involves working with a Chinese folk singer to create the first ever Tribal House / Chinese Folk crossover tune.

Kill Billy [Password Mix] by mobidextrous

Sanlitun Opera [Vocal Mix] by mobidextrous

Ru Meng Ling – [Folkstep Remix] by mobidextrous


These dudes are HEAVVVY, love what they’re doing and especially this track, killa!

A lil oriental flavour using Incubus’s Aqeuous Transmission sample. Enjoy!

The Kabukistep (Original Mix) by H3 (We Are Mutants)


This young dude, formerly known as, Dee Jay Mee, unleashes another new heavvy tune with some light Middle Eastern vybz.

He’s done some xcellent stuff in the past, including some DrumST3P.

Bassline Skanker (FREE DOWNLOAD!) by Biometrix


Our matey, Okulus, comes up with a terrific remix of a track by our other mates, FLeCK and Fish Finger.  The original version of this track does appear on our forthcoming compilation.

Okulus gives it an Flamenco-Arabian make over to geat effect with the inclusion of moorish flutes and guitar!

We will give this to you as a free download nearer the time of the compilation release.


It has been suggested that olé comes from an Arabic invocation of Allah, or the oath والله (w-állah), “by Allah!”. However this hypothesis is now considered doubtful.

Funny how this hypothesis has, post 9/11, been considered “doubtful”!  Pre- 9/11, it was generally accepted!  This is the world we live in, shameful!

“……enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured…….”

Rude-Profile_Fleck_&_Fish_Finger-(Pan-Agnostix-Flamenco-remix) by okulus


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