Been a looong time since we had a Kuduro update on here, toooo long for my liking cause I LOVE KUDURO but it’s still sooo hard to access it.

This is an update from our mate Toke’s site, as he’s the resident expert on all things Kuduro, and has his ear to the ground over there.

However, even he struggles to obtain great quality kuduro at a playable bit rate over and above 128kbps. He says, 128kbps is the bitrate they stick on cd’s to sell in the markets over there.

I know what he’s saying, cause similair experiences for me in SA and North Africa, where the concept of a dj playing (at a bare minimum of) 320 kbps is hardly ever acknowledged, let alone catered for.

Anyway, can’t grumble that much cause it’s not as though I can play Kuduro every week. It’s still hard to drop Kuduro on European dancefloors without clearing they STILL don’t understand it or know how to dance to it!


Running commentary by Toke too ūüôā

Back in 2010, just to show you the now Kuduro hits in Angola, with A Pr√≥pria Lixa, and the women Kuduro’s showing power. I love this simple and pure Kudurista Lixa girl!

“√Č Show” – JD with Makongo

Angolan rapper JD it’s in his second Kuduro flirt, after “T√° Ver, X√© T√° ver”, with Kudurista Bruno M, invited here in powerfull Petty’s Makongo new vibrant local Luanda moove, where she’s living now, after leaving the system of you now who…

Angolan singer Nicolas Ananaz it’s also here…

“Xupa L√°” – Nacobeta & Puto Portugu√™s

“Xupa L√°” (Suck It All), another massive big hit this winter (2010) in Angola, with Puto Portugu√™s (great Semba singer!) and the old and good Nacobeta.

Crazying angolan folks at Luanda. Now!

“Olha o Pica” – Toni Amado remixed by Dj Malandrinho

“Olha o Pica”, a last year Downtempo from Toni Amado himself mainstream recent records, greatly mixed by Dj Malandrinho, na?


    1. Yeah BSS and Killamu are more accessible to most. BSS are not really vintage Kuduro though and hence why you can get away with their stuff….

      Keep an eye out for the KuBass update which is HOTT

  1. Fuck. That Malandrinho has been my shit for months, cant get enough of that shit. Don’t know why you guys didn’t put up Ketchup & Znobia’s ‘E So Dancar’? That shit is huge:

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